The excerpt from “EUTHANASIA IS NOT THE ANSWER” discusses the legitimacy of taking the life of a suffering person to alleviate pain and emotional suffering. The author argues that people’s perception of life cannot be the same and thus there is no law that can be fair to all regarding taking of life for reason of mercy.   The article explores the concept of taking life for the sake of the relatives of a sick person who are emotionally affected.

Connolly argues that if the law is modified to suit a few people who claim that  euthanasia is an effective solution  for the suffering patient, then this could be easily adopted be all people. Consequently, euthanasia might be administered indiscriminately on all patients in critical conditions and with no capability to make an objective decision. The author gives an example of the Hitler’s Germany where killing was legitimized for people considered to be inferior leading to indiscriminate mass killing (Connolly, 1985). This supports the point that controlling boundaries of such freedom might prove difficult if not impossible.

The excerpt then stresses on importance of life even to those that are suffering. In addition Connolly says that there are ways of relieving pain of the patient and letting nature take its unadulterated course.  The author argues that life is important in its deformed state. Examples of people, such as Joni Earickson, who have sought a different solution other than voluntary death with positive results are given (Connolly, 1985).

The excerpt argues that life is beyond human understanding. Moreover people have taken every aspect of nature into their own hands and assumed that they have a solution to every problem. The author invokes the theory of God or a supreme deity that is responsible for giving or taking life and who is always there in times of suffering (Connolly, 1985).

Connolly is of the opinion that life and death is beyond human responsibilities. He argues that human beings should let God deal with the matter of living and dying. Furthermore, he assures that nothing will go wrong if we leave the issue to God.

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