Health Care Concerns

The quality of medical services and goods is the main issue of healthcare organizations. They always should try to improve the quality of their services and goods. Very often medical companies produce good and qualitative but there are other companies that produce fake medicine. Healthcare organizations suffer from fraud very often, so they must detect it and find ways of struggling with it. They should to identify suspect claims with the help of vigilance and payment integrity programs that will prevent fraud. These fraud companies spoil reputation of good healthcare organization and provoke mistrust and complaints of clients.

Healthcare organizations have a traditional “pay and chase” approach to the payment system in medicine. The health plans of these organizations include the use of analytics and innovative technologies for curing people. To my mind, quality is the most important aspect of healthcare policy. Healthcare organizations should employ competent workers that will give qualitative services and will produce qualitative goods.

A good quality of healthcare services makes the healthcare companies competitive and prestigious among other companies. Healthcare organizations compete for being the first as many new medical companies appear.

A low quality is the step to damage of reputation as the clients will not stand this and will complaint. The complaints may even lead to lawsuits. Lawsuits may appear because of constant complaints of clients who can sue the organization. 

In conclusion, I would like to say that healthcare policy of any medical company should be based on improving of quality. Healthcare organizations should collaborate with other companies in the introduction of new services and products and their distribution. Creating new products and services will benefit the company and increase the number of customers.  Healthcare organizations should work on improving the quality of their products and services, as high quality products and services will be competitive in the market. 


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