Health Care Insurance

US lack of a health care insurance made it stand unique among other modernized countries. This led to the formation of a health care initiative administration which aimed at coming up with a comprehensive proposal. After the completion of the proposal the insurance cover had problems, there was political opposition and possible solutions to these problems (Clinton & House, 1993).

The health care coverage was to be universal and the poor were accessing the health service in more expensive fees charge. It was later made mandatory that every citizen had to join these cooperatives and purchase these premium caps. It was also made mandatory for every employer to purchase coverage. The US had a health care system which was mixed up with doctors and insurance companies who were in the private sector. The Medicare and Medicaid were financed with federal government which was difficult to deal with all these factors at once (Hacker, 1997). Clintons plan was very complex and trying to go for a simpler would have resulted in dropping down of some goals. Adopting the complex goal would have caused another one seventeenth of the US economy. As a result the general confidence of the public to the president started going down.

In the political sense the government started to receive opposition from the side of the government. This was with the republicans who labelled the plan as costly, large and too complex to be handled by the government. There was mobilization of interested groups in opposing the plan. Some of the clear consequences were: Clinton lost his popularity, the health bill and the others pending failed to pass the administration lost its major initiative (Greenberg, 1993).

The high spending of interest groups against ambitious proposals and reforms led to the fall of the health plan. As a preventive measure we can say that compound, large scale and public policy must be in close cooperation and have support and be in close cooperation with the congress. These policies will lose support as it aim at snatching away benefits from its constituents.

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