Health Systems of Ohio


The purpose of this report is to assess the current state of ValleyCare Health Systems. The report is done with the aim to formulate a strategy for improving organization’s performance. 


ValleyCare Health Systems is located in the heartland of Austintown in Ohio. The physical location is on 20 Holton Rd, Austintown, Ohio 44515. ValleyCare hospital offers high quality medical services and is known to use the latest art technology gadgets in relation to the whole community of Austintown, which is a distinctive feature of the hospital’s performance.

The hospital works under a centralized management system with the hospital directors being the top decision makers. Decisions made by the board are relayed to the different departments of the hospital, following the right structure of hierarchy. The same scheme works with the information, coming from hospital workers of the lower cadre.


The hospital provids a wide range of services that together make up eight groups. First in the line is the ValleyCare diagnostics department, which by design acts as the hospital’s backbone. The department provides a whole lot of services related to medical imaging, such as the complex ultrasound sonography and radiology diagnosis. The second department is rehabilitation, which is the largest in the town and is packed with modern equipment that is vital for the total recovery of the patients. Such equipment includes a spacious and fully equipped gym and therapeutic rooms.

The hospital has also developed an integrated same day surgery system that allows surgical operations to be analyzed and conducted the same day at the hospital’s north medical wing. This is a highly rigorous process that ensures the hospital stands a head above other competitors and is available at various affiliates of ValleyCare, such as in Trumbull Memorial.   

In its pursuit of expansion, ValleyCare has opened branches within the town which allows the hospital to provide a comprehensive medical care for people who hitherto could not be able to reach the headquarter. These branches include Trumbull Memorial hospital and the ELM road branch, which are crucial in reaching the vast population in the town. Trumbull, for instance, offers some of the complex radiology programs of the hospital as well as they are used as the town’s epicenter for rehabilitation and surgical operation.

In order to be effective in providing medical services to the population, ValleyCare has established a state of the art lab centre that allows for comprehensive testing before treatment commences. The comprehensive laboratory testing is what has made it possible for the hospital to carry out same day surgery, which many hospitals are not able to maintain.


To conclude, these are the strategic resources which the hospital has at its disposal and with a help of which the optimal growth is required.

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