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In American, health insurance acts as a program which helps people in medical bills payments. It can take the form of social insurance, purchased insurance or a program funded by the government. The insurance synonyms include coverage of health care, health coverage and health benefits. Many people in America have benefited form health insurance. Some people get sick, when they have not planned, and insurance takes care of their hospital bills in this case. Hospitals have been facing many challenges in treatment of individual without insurance cover. Many hospitals have operated out of budget due to the provision of medical services to individuals without medical cover. All people should consider taking insurance cover because it has many benefits. Insurance has helped many people in America. All people in America, whether visitors or citizens should take health insurance cover.

Americas Health Insurance

In America, insurance has many benefits to the people. A number of insurance companies, which provide health insurance services, exist and people take medical cover. Among the insurance companies which provide health insurance include Britam, Blue Shield and Amoco among other. There is a number of medical cover provided, and they include managed care, blue cross shield and blurring lines among others. People dwelling in all states of America should visit one of the insurance companies and make sure that they buy health covers (Paolucci 45). The health insurance provides each person who buys cover with a protection against medical services expenses. For example, when an individual gets injured in a road accident he/she receives insurance funds for medical expenses.

There a number of disadvantages companies by health covers. Those disadvantages have made the number of people taking insurance policies in America to reduce from 2000. The insurance companies tend to provide their services slowly. For example, when an individual gets admitted in hospital some of the insurance companies fail to pay the medical expenses and compensate the person later with the amount paid. This has led to suffering of many people while having insurance covers (Froman 32). There public insurance programs, which covers vulnerable people who requires great care. Employers get public insurance, but in case of retirement or losing job, they end up losing their insurance sponsors. Many people have remained uninsured because of the rise in insurance budget (Shanks 67).

In America, there number of insurance covers provides by government for free to people with special care. This insurance includes military health benefits, provided to military personnel. This covers military personnel who develop illness during the working period. The Indian health service provides health care and medical help to people from India living in America. State children insurance program is another public insurance program designed in the provision of medical services for free to children born by poor parents. The families who can not have enough money to buy private insurance covers have their children covered by this program (Kongstvedt 20).

There different types of medical insurance to the people of America. Traditional indemnity also called free for service is a program which existed in early 19th century. This type paid the total cost or a certain percentage for medical expense for certain diseases. People suffering from HIV/AIDs and other sexual transmitted diseases got free services from hospitals. Another type is Blue Shield Associations and Blue Cross which is an organization providing insurance services in America. This organization or group of companies provides insurance covers to over 100 million in all states of America (Green 90). Other organization providing insurance services include health maintenance organization, manage care and care for network management among others.

People living in America are able to enjoy a number of benefits after taking medical cover with those insurance organizations. They are able to enjoy high deducted health plan, which is different from the traditional health insurance covers. This plan provides coverage for illness like catastrophic. Medical expenses for diseases like cancer are high, but health insurance takes care for certain bills. People with medical insurance are able to pay for medical and receive treatment even with little funds. The poor or people with low income are able to receive medical care after taking an insurance cover (Lavastida 37).

There some cards which have been introduced recently. Those cards act as discount for medical care. They are not medical insurance, but they are programs designed to provide medical assistance to patients. They are acquired from the government after payment of a little money. After production of the card in hospital, an individual is not supposed to pay the whole amount charged in hospital. The individual receives medical care with a discount. The government pays for some expenses for inpatients, but the card does not help the out patients (Paolucci 87).

People in America can also enjoy a number of benefits from medical cover insurance. Disability income insurance provides payment to an individual who suffers disability. People who are critically injured after accidents and those who can not perform duties are compensated. This cover includes long term and short term care. Long term care includes provision of medical payment to an individual. This takes place until the person dies. Short term includes provision of payment to the individual only once. The person gets compensation for the disability. After taking medical cover individual are able to enjoy compensation after suffering from dangerous disease. This ensures progress in life, because the person gets enough money to take care for him and the family (Green 98).

Long term care insurance pays for individual medical expenses as long as he/she stays in hospital. Some people get ill for along time and stay admitted in hospital. Those individuals always get compensation from long term care insurance. Many people can not have enough money to care for the long term medical expenses. This insurance programs ensure that an individual get enough medical attention until recovery. Many people have died due to lack of enough medical care. The low class people or people with low income have not been able to pay for their medical expenses, and as a result, many have lost their life due to minor diseases. Diseases which kill low income people rarely kill high income people (Froman 56). Health insurance helps in solving this problem. Currently, many American has been able to safe their lives through insurance. In general, health insurance has helped many people in getting medical treatment.

Roles of insurance companies

Insurance companies exist in many jurisdictions. They take care of individuals risk and compensation against loss. Insurance companies provide protection against risk which include, medical bills payment, compensation after loss resulting from fire, theft, death insurance which provides compensation to the beneficiaries of the died person. Insurance companies have many roles, which aim at improvement of personal life. They also aim at ensuring that individuals progress in life, and they their goals do not die after suffering risk or loss. The companies save individuals from feeling the financial impact caused by a particular disaster.

The companies provide life insurance cover. This cover aims at paying burial expenses for died person. It also provides payment of debts or replacement of income to the surviving dependants of died person. For example, when a man dies in the family, the wife gets monthly payment to sustain her life.  Life insurance helps in mitigation of family risks. The insurance company budgets the income from life insurance promptly. Members who die prematurely get compensated by members who live for many years (Froman 84).

Health insurance helps in taking care of risks occurring as a result of illness. People require treatment which can cost more million dollars, and as a result, insurance companies take care for the expenses. Insurance companies help people with high medical bills and those who can not manage to pay for their local medical bills. In this case, insurance companies help in saving lives. Individual who could not have managed to pay medical bills and get treatment has insurance companies taking care of their problems. Insurance companies help in saving life. Other roles played by insurance companies including insurance against property risks. Those risks include damage or compensation in case of loss. Vehicle insurance includes compensation against loss or damage. Individuals also insure against dangerous diseases like cancer, HIV/AIDS. People also get insurance covers against fire and theft. In general insurance companies help people in risk mitigation and recovery after disaster (Shanks 76). The companies play with an aim of restoration and ensuring continuity of people’s live and businesses.

Hospital challenges

Hospital face challenges while providing services for individuals with insurance covers. The government takes is officials to hospital and fail to pay hospital bill. This leads lack of enough money to fund for future bills. Other insurance companies fail to compensate the person under medication immediately after admission. The hospital uses the saved money to support the patient. Many insurance companies force the hospitals to work out of the budget. Generally hospital faces of financial problems (Green 85).


Health insurance has helped American people in getting medical care services. The patients who cannot pay for their medical expenses get the benefit from insurances compensations. People in America should consider taking insurance cover in order to enjoy the benefits.

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