Hospital Management System Report


Project is related to Hospital Management System and maintains two levels of users:-

Administrator Level-Doctor

User Level-Data Entry Operators; these are the receptionist and the medical practitioner.

The main initiative of the project is to:

Maintaining both records of indoor and outdoor patients.

Maintaining patients’ diagnosis and referral details.

Maintaining patient’s direction, medication and diet advice details.

Providing billing information for indoor and outdoor patients.

Maintaining backup of information as per user conditions and the date of admission.

In this project, collection of data is by the receptionist who enters the details in the reception book and health record located to a practitioner attached to a health form.

Results of tests, prescription, precautions and diet advice are automatically updated in the database. An investigation on the current health system was carried out by use of a questionnaire. This aided in investigation as key areas, mostly of information flow, documentation and storage were marked and addressed.


This project will help manage the process for patients attending a Well Being Clinic. The project is for the automation of the East London hospital management system. It maintains two levels of user; administrative level majorly performed by the receptionist and the user level, which involves the patients, their families and their doctors. Its major reason is to maintain patient information. Providing and maintaining all kinds of check up for patients, Billing and information generation.

 (A Strategic Information System for Hospital Management).

Patients are only capable to be at the well being clinic when referred by their medical doctors or from the wards. After referral, health records are sent to the clinic and time is set for the patient for observation and interview. This is for enhancement of the records. The health record is stored in a folder marked with the appointment date that should be flexible for any adjustment. An attendance form is attached to the patients’ health record. This is then given to a medical practitioner whose name is written on the form. The health folders are then placed in time order outside the practitioner’s clinic room. The practitioners who also records important information and forwards it to the patient’s doctor then develops a cover letter and attach it to the record. This system can be used in any Hospital, Clinic, Dispensary or Pathology labs for maintaining a working and updated health management system in a hospital like East London.


The main aim of this project is to come up with a better health management system that is well planned and organized. It is for enhancing proper data storage, which will help in information retrieval, and storage.


To maintain a high level of accuracy in the proposed system. It ensures all operations will be done on time and whatever information given by the patient is relevant and accurate for feature reference. It also provides for a quick retrieval of information.

This diagram shows the relationship between organizations; Doctors, ward, practitioner and the receptionist. It focuses on the flow direction of the records. It identifies responsibilities between the organizations to avoid conflict and maintain a schedule.
(  )

This represents the flow of data, in this case patients’ records right from their admission to referral to the clinic. It shows the basic procedure through which information flows.

This show relationship between two or more entities. These entities join together to make organizations that allows for flow of information.


Keeping medical records can be at times hectic and time consuming. Especially in a situation where information is kept on different files and later collected for updating and storage. A more sophisticate register maintenance for various patient information should be maintained at central place. (

Adequate staff should be maintained so that updates are made at the very moment of information collection. Every staff should stick to their work and made responsible for better efficiency.


The information is might be difficult to retrieveand to find particular information E.g.  -  To find patient's history, the user has to go through various registers. This results to time wastage and inconvenience.

The information collected and generated by various transactions takes time and efforts to be kept at the right place.

Changes to information like patient details are difficult to make as a lot of paper work is involved.

This is a manual system problems might arise when storing large amount of information.


Hospital Management System speeds up the working in a hospital. The system takes care of all the requirements of a hospital and provides easy and effective storage of information related to patients that come up to the East London hospital.

(Encyclopedia of health care management)

It generates and provides details about a patient and their medical history. It also gives their families to know of any development. The system also provides the facility of backup as per the requirement by the hospital.

(Encyclopedia of health care management)

A more sophisticated and computerized method should be developed later on upon implementation of this project.

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