How to Relax

When has had a challenging, or a stressful moment or day one needs to ease, and refresh one self so that one can move on and be productive in the future.  Lack of relaxation of body and mind can lead to bad moods, lack of fresh ideas, low of enthusiasm of work or activity and also difficulty in concentration. All this will affect good performance and may affect ones personal health. Like lots of other tasks, relaxation of the body and mind is a skill. So how does one relax the body and mind? Below are some essential tactics on how to relax.

Recognize stress – denying one is stressed can lead one to being too stressed, stress is important as it adds excitement and motivates one in the right balance. One might be too stressed if all the do is work no stop, one goes through constant body tensions, headaches soreness allover the body among other pains, one is eating too much or too little or is choosing unhealthy food among other indicators.

Prepare to relax – once one has recognized the stressor in his life it is important to prepare to get relaxed. Ways to add relaxation into ones daily schedule include, letting of guilt that you have not done enough for the day, Accepting the importance of sleep, when one is asleep one gets restored of freshness of body in a way not possible when one is awake. One needs 6 to 8 hours sleep for proper restoration.

Relaxing the body and mind

Breathing techniques help one to achieve self calm and provide one with an avenue to restore self calm. This involves the slowing of breathing then concentrating on it. This involves breathing through the nose and exhaling using the mouth. One should inhale deeply upto five counts and exhale slowly counting five. One should do this ten times and relax the muscles and nerves on the out the out breath.

Also eating of healthy food help in relaxing. Avoiding a lot of sugar found in some food e.g. soda or chocolate. May cause severe ups and downs and eventually agitation upsetting the body’s ability to utilize energy effectively, eating a lot of fresh fruit and always ensuring one is having a balanced diet.

Everyday exercise is a well known way of relaxing the body and mind. one should ensure at least thirty minutes every day of moderate exercise activity. Walking in the woods or in the park is also important. Taking the stairs while in the office in place of the elevator is also helpful to one.

One can also try traditional well known techniques to help one relax. This include; yoga which is believed to clear the body and mind of the stress one has. One can also try tai, aikido or ki. A massage can also do the trick of relaxing the body and mind.

Thinking positively also helps a lot in relaxing someone when he or she is in a stressing situation.  This can be by focusing on ‘on the big picture’ when one is in a situation, it is also important for someone to focus on the beauty of everything.

The body and mind can also be relaxed by one finding a quiet environment e.g. while reading a good novel, playing soft music. Also one engaging himself or herself in a hobby or what one loves doing for fun helps one to relax as the hobby disengages one from stressful situation and relaxes the mind. Laughter is said to be the best medicine. Smiling and being happy helps one to relax especially when one is in good company of people who know how to make good conversation. These are people who radiate warmth and are joyous. Avoid people who have tendencies to bring you down.

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