Human Resources Director

In the U.S healthcare facilities, if I was assigned the job of a human resources director, I would ensure that I have all the human resources skills required in order to mobilize the employees in the health care to work accordingly to the set healthcare objectives. In addition, I would focus on proper employee management. As the human resources director, I should be prepared to deal with the tasks of recruiting and staffing, performance management of the employees, proper policy formulation, employment and its compliance to the set healthcare systems objectives.

Therefore, a human resources director should be a qualified human resources manager who will help to outline in details the required qualities and skills for the medical professionals. Furthermore, the human resources director maintains and records all human resources files and documents in accordance with the set medical facility requirements by the United States Employment Opportunity Commission (Tanke, 2007). Thus, if one wants to be a human resources director he/she should be ready to adhere to all medical professional issues and follow the set requirements in employee management.

To be a human resource manager, one should have completed a four-year degree in human resource management, labor relations or any related fields. In addition, any extensive experience in the healthcare fields is required in order to assure the CEO that he/she is conversant with the employee issues in the healthcare systems. The experience required should be 7-10 years in the fields of human resources management in a healthcare set up. It is also an added advantage to candidates who have masters in business or human resources management or any other related fields (McConnell, 2012). Furthermore, knowledge in the employment relations and policies of healthcare of the U.S is necessary.

Taking a job as a human resource manager in the United States is worthwhile. If offered the job I would take it. This is because I have the skills and knowledge to maintain and manage employees in any sphere especially in a healthcare.

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