Implementation of the IOM Future of Nursing Report

The future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health reportreleased in 2010 was meant to be a thorough scrutiny of the nursing workforce. The IOM nursing report was compiled by the IOM committee on the future of nurses in America. It came about to ensure that reforms are being undertaken in the health care sector. Nurses are part of the backbone of the health care system. Their aim is to provide care to patients. Nurse is one of the most widespread occupations among employees in the health care sector. The IOM committee came up with a clear agenda on institutional policies, addressing the shortage of nurses in American hospitals, and also designing and implementing ways in which they will come up with a more efficient and effective health care system.

The institute of medicine came into collaboration with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) to lay down the initiative and also discuss the future of nursing in America. Target audiences for this improvement of the nursing include policy makers, advocacy organizations, licensing bodies, state and local government officials, and education researchers.

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The importance of the IOM "Future of Nursing" report related to the nursing workforce.

The report was implemented to serve as a framework for changes that will occur in the nursing profession in America as well as the health care’s delivery system at large. Through this report, the responsibilities, nursing roles and nursing education have been transformed to ensure that the promise of a reformed health care system is implemented, whereby patients are treated with utmost care and world class trained nurses.

The Institute of Medicine report as documented in Policy and Medicine indicates that the report also enables the nurses to practice their nursing to the full extent and according to their level of education and training. Nurses with nursing degrees can conduct clinical practices, and they can have better opportunities improving collaborative efforts. Through its emphasis on education, the report will ensure that a more educated nursing workforce will be better equipped to handle demanding cases and the ever evolving needs in the health care system.

It has advocated for an increase in the number of nurses to 80% by 2020, this way, there will be no more long queues in the Emergency Rooms and sudden deaths due to the long waiting will be reduced by a significant figure. Offsetting the shortage of nurses and having nurses with professional skills will contribute to the overall safety and quality of the transformed health care sector.

The IOM report as elaborated in Policy and Medicine makes nurses just like physicians and other health care professional’s full partners in the quest for redesigning the health care system in United States of America. Hence, an effective workforce will eradicate most challenges that the sector faces.

The Intent of the Future of Nursing; Campaign for Action

Since America’s population becomes older and sicker by the day, there is high demand for care. The future of Nursing; Campaign for Action initiative intends to address the increased demands for care in the American population by making sure that all skills, experience and knowledge of nurses are utilized to the maximum

Secondly, it guides the implementation of the recommendations that were made by the IOM report and would lead to a transformed health care system. The recommendations include practice by nurses to full extent of their training and education, higher levels of education for nurses, nurses should be full partners in redesigning the health care system and lastly, better data collection and information structure to ensure an effective workforce plan

Lastly, the campaign for action collaborates with many stakeholders, communicates the call to action and   monitor results of the report to ensure accountability. The campaign for action envisions access to high quality patient centered care in the health care system.

Rationale for State Based Action Coalitions

The state based action coalitions are meant to work with the campaign for action to implement the recommendations that were put across by the institute of Medicine report. The coalitions comprise various stakeholders such as nurses, other healthcare representatives, businesses, and other leaders of the country. The action coalitions are the driving forces of the campaign both at the state and local levels. The coalitions identify replicable models, capture best practices, identify research needs and follow up learnt lessons.

One State Based Action Coalitions and Initiatives

The state based action coalition that will be discussed in this essay is the California state based action coalition. Two initiatives that have been undertaken in California will be taken into consideration to ensure that the recommendations have been implemented to improve health care system.

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The California Action Coalition

The California Action coalition’s vision entails partnerships to advance health in California; its mission is to advance nurses’ leadership and services in California. This coalition acts as a driving force in the implementation of the IOM recommendation, in California since it recognizes the work that is already underway and is committed to achieving long sustaining change in the California health care system.

Expanding Opportunities for Nurses to Lead and Diffuse Collaboration

A work group has been assigned to the above initiative and they are examining the various innovative ways to implement the above initiatives. Preliminary goals have been established, resources have been identified, and south California has been chosen to maximize the geographical representation. The areas of focus in this initiative are identifying innovative practice based on evidence as well as a healthy working environment.

Preparing and Enabling Nurses to Lead Change and Advance Health

The work group working on this initiative has developed a conceptual definition as well as model for nursing leadership. The main focus of this initiative is to position nurses in various leadership roles, prepare nurse leaders, and support the nurse leaders in politics. A comprehensive list of leadership trainings is underway to ensure the nurse leaders are well equipped.


The IOM report was designed to improve the health care system in the USA, since it had been deteriorating for a while now. The main focus of the report was on nursing and how to improve the nursing performance and transformed health care system. The IOM report has made nurses take pride in their profession and made them have a sense of belonging as they are being considered to be a big part of the health care system.  The IOM report provides a blueprint for change in the health care system and in tying its four key messages, that is, nurses should be full partners, nurses should practice to full extent of their education, nurses should achieve higher education and there should be effective workforce planning through improved information infrastructure, it has defined a changed role for the nurses and the nursing profession at large. The report is very broad, evidence-based and inclusive of all the challenges the nursing profession has faced as well as some recommendations on how to deal with the challenges at hand.  The state based action coalitions is a very good move since the coalitions will see to it that the IOM report is implemented in every state of United States and this will gear the health care system to the next level. The report however faces a few challenges on implementation especially for the nurses to acquire higher levels of education, it will be an uphill task and the nurses have to step up to meet the recommendations.

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