Improving Wellness in the United States

Wellness is important if a person is going to achieve optimum performance in his or her day to day duties. There are a variety of things that can be done or that can be avoided in a bid to improve ones physical wellness. The very first and important thing is movement of the body. There are a wide range of cardiovascular exercises which are not only fun but they are a great way to improve once wellness and fitness. Some of these options include walking, dancing, Jogging or running, biking, playing with children, skiing and ice skating, various sporting activities like basketball, swimming or playing golf just to mention but a few (University of California, 2010).

The exercises that are described as body movement types of exercise are great ways of burning off excessive calories which would otherwise be harmful to ones fitness and wellness. The heightened activity also improves on the strength of ones heart as the heart is catapulted to pump blood at a faster rate during exercise which makes it stronger. The cardiovascular endurance is therefore greatly improved.

The other important factor to consider if one wishes to achieve wellness and fitness is to observe the consumption of fats. A limited intake of saturated fats is advised as these fats are the main causes of obesity and obesity related sicknesses which is one of the leading killer diseases in America today. Good fats should be used in stead of the harmful fats. These good fats include olive oil, butter, nuts and any other naturally occurring oils.  Margarine and other refined oils are examples of bad oils (Jerrold S et al., 2004).  

It is therefore imperative for the shopper to be careful not to pick a foodstuff from the shelf of the supermarket without first scrutinizing the labels to identify the composition of the foodstuff. One of the most common misconceptions is that only the diabetics should control their blood sugars. It is important fore everybody to watch their blood sugar as a measure to improve ones wellness whether one is diabetic or not. Nutritionists recommend that refined carbohydrates should be avoided since any unused energy from refined carbohydrates is usually stored as fats in the body (Jerrold S et al., 2004). 

There are two main reasons why we have a problem of wellness and fitness and that are ignorance and permissiveness. Many people keep on with poor dietary habits not knowing that they will eventually harm their health. Many others have heard of the effects of bad eating habits but they continue to live that way anyway. To help correct these problems within my society, I propose an extensive sensitization campaign in which people will be educated more on how to avoid harmful habits.

The public should also be educated on the available options of exercise that are cost effective since many have the excuse of not having money to spend on gyms. Options like jogging should be presented to the public as very effective alternatives to keeping in good shape. Permissiveness of bad habits should be discouraged through more education of the harmful effects of such effects.

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