Leadership in Healthcare


Healthcare is connected among other sensitive sectors directly with, both the common man and executives alike. Failure to accomplish a healthcare event would lead to irreversible consequences like death. The essay targets sources, qualifications and development programs for leadership in the healthcare system as a CNO, CEO or CIO.


Effectual leadership is a health institution which is essential in determining healthcare service delivery to the needy hopeless patients. The ability to execute relevant duties in healthcare management does not only depend on the class work but also on the individual personalities, which vary (Zaleznik, 2004). Health practitioners should be managed and this is a systematic way since they determine the patient survival, hence the novice managers should understand the respective factors that determine effective management in healthcare (Northouse, 2007).


A good leader should influence the staff towards achieving the organization’s objective which is mainly aimed at salvation of lives in a healthcare institution. However, a leader should possess both leadership and management qualities in order to accomplish the respective tasks (Northouse, 2007). The best way to manage staff is through being an actively involved in the healthcare roles, through being effective in accomplishing work related tasks through loyalty and commitment in the respective duties with a high level of professional integrity (Zaleznik, 2004).

Development Programs

Leadership and Management

Through the leadership, a manager will be able to determine and maintain stability within the healthcare while seeking adaptive and constructive change as a leader. In healthcare, this would be essential in influencing the practitioners in accomplishing the common goal of providing quality healthcare (Northouse, 2007).

Transformational Leadership

In a healthcare centre it is prudent to adapt transformational leadership since it involves the contemporary approach in a group with a common goal. However, the approach also provides an option for members to share their vision in the pursuit to accomplish their visions in the healthcare center (Zaleznik, 2004).


Healthcare management is crucial in ensuring accomplishment of the organization’s objectives. However, as a CNO, CEO or CIO, it is adept to determine the best approach that would create a good rapport within the healthcare management staff in order to achieve the respective goals of the organization. According to the essay, through transformational management system, the healthcare management staff would be motivated and influenced towards their respective lines of duty within the healthcare institution with the manager as the role model.

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