This evening presents a rare opportunity where we can learn and have the new insights about the malaria prevention and its treatment. My name is Marc Catalina, and I work in the Department of Health and Environmental Conservation. My major area of concentration involves the prevention and cure of malaria. This illness has been a menace and a real threat to life. In the recent history, malaria has been the threat to the Sub-Saharan region and especially to our country. The government has introduced various programs and projects like this one we have today aimed at controlling, preventing and curing malaria. The government has also received the support from various international organizations, agencies and foreign nations with the aim of controlling, preventing and curing this disease here. Have you known that malaria kills more than one million people in Africa, and the majority of victims are young children being less than five years old? In addition, the sub-Saharan region is the most affected one with three thousand deaths every day. These facts are disturbing, and the strong frameworks need to be put in place to control this menace. You do not know who - you, your child, a close relative or your close friend will be the next victim of malaria. That is why as I have initially said this was an important opportunity for you to take part in fighting against malaria.

Our government has the role of protecting and ensuring the human rights of every citizen. Malaria has been a major threat to life and health for many people. Many of them have succumbed to it. It is the role of government to introduce the programs that ensure the protection of people from this menace guarding their lives. We have lost our people due to this disease. The cost of this loss to this society and to the government is significant to the productivity and performance of this country. The government, therefore, devoted significant resources towards the prevention, controlling, curing and eradicating malaria in this country. These resources are being availed to you through some educational programs like this one and are offering the various preventive measures like issuing mosquito nets. At the end of this event, we will be giving out mosquito nets for free though a more detailed announcement on this will be made in the course of this seminar (Ollhoff, 2010).

Malaria is caused by plasmodium, a parasite, which transmits the disease with its bites of the infected people. When the plasmodium gets into your body, it multiplies in the liver and infects the red blood cells. After infecting your blood cells, the body functioning is disrupted, and various symptoms can be seen and felt by the infected person. These symptoms include fever, headaches, vomiting, and the loss of energy. Once a person recognizes these symptoms, he or she should visit specialists and medical doctors for a proper diagnosis. Furthermore, the government has reduced the cost of testing malaria significantly to the affordable cost, and there should be no reason to endanger life. If not treated, malaria can become the threat to life as it may disrupt the blood supply to such vital organs like the brain and heart. Does anyone want to lose his/her life or the life of the close friend or a child in the neighborhood? If not, then attending this seminar will not be a wastage of time for you but an opportunity of the issue how you can prevent your family and community from the dangers of malaria. The parasite has developed the resistance to various drugs in many parts of the world but the consistent research by medics and scholars has introduced the arteminisinin, which combines the therapies, the use of insecticidal nets and indoor spraying to control mosquitoes (Dziedzic, 2010).

The government is on the forefront of fighting and controlling the spread of this contagious disease among the people in this seminar. Our seminar is among many ones that will be conducted in various parts of this country. The statistics from the world health organization states that half of the world population is at the risk of being infected with malaria. However, the global intervention programs to prevent the control and to cure malaria have reduced the number of people being at risk. The programs you are seeing in our country are the global initiatives. Most of the countries in the world are holding such programs. You should, therefore, take this program seriously, since your awareness and education will play an important global role of protecting life. In this society, there are those people being more vulnerable than others. But the government is committed to reach all people, since these vulnerable people in the society are at the highest risk of being affected by this illness (Isle, 2001).

At the district level, we have established the frameworks, which will enable us to reach every person in the society to ensure the education for all. With the correct measures according to the research, malaria will be eliminated in our society only if the society adopts the preventive measures introduced in these programs. Various environmental factors affect bleeding of mosquitoes in our environment, which, in turn, endanger our lives. We can control these factors and manipulate them in the way that we will discourage the mosquito bleeding. For example, most of mosquitoes thrive more in shrubs, bushes around our yards, and close environments. We, as the community and the individual level, can take the initiative of ensuring that the bushes are cleared, and our yards are clean too. This will deter mosquitoes from bleeding in our environment and will reduce the number of malaria cases in the society, by the countrywide and at the global level. What will be the cost or energy of ensuring clear yards and bushes? If you agree with me, this cost or energy is not as significant as the cost of a sick family member or a friend in the society. Therefore, every person has a special role in ensuring the clean environment around his home and in the society, in the whole (Isle, 2001).

Another environmental factor is the stagnant water. A Pool of stagnant water creates an applicable environment where mosquitoes can live. Can you remember the stagnant water you have left in the basin for the last three days? I know many people do not even know the danger of such water to them as a mosquito bleeding site or some are being simply ignorant. The society should also take the initiative of draining any stagnant waters in public sites to prevent the mosquito bleeding (Dziedzic, 2010).

In conclusion, malaria has been one of the leading deadly diseases globally and in our country. Our government has taken various initiates to prevent the control and cure of malaria. You, people, should take an advantage of these programs and take part in eradicating malaria in your society. The free insecticidal nets and cheap medication should act as the incentive to people to seek the medication in case of any symptoms. People and the society, in the whole, should also ensure the clean atmosphere as a measure of preventing the mosquito bleeding. I want to thank every person that has attended this seminar. I hope that everybody will take his role from today henceforth of ensuring malaria is being eradicated from the society. Thank you!

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