Meals on Wheels Association

“Meals on Wheels Association of America” is a health care organization dedicated to delivering meals to elderly individuals who are not able to purchase or prepare their own meals. It ensures that the meals are delivered at the home to simplify their accessibility to food. In America, the meal delivery program began in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1954. At this time, meals were mainly delivered by volunteering high schools students who were committed to helping society.  Matthews & Matthews (2010) point out that the organization operates in different states, in America, in order to ensure that most of the unable elderly individuals get healthy meals. Thus, this essay explores the “Meals on Wheels Association”.

The Association is guided by the vision to end hunger by 2020. The Association is working towards eliminating hunger problems among elderly individuals in the United States. With this vision, it wants to ensure that unable elderly citizens get easier access to healthy meals by 2020. The mission statement of the organization is to provide national leadership to end senior hunger. The organization is aimed at playing a leading role in the elimination of hunger among unable elderly individuals. The mission and vision statements are reinforced by core values such as commitment, compassion, integrity, and service delivery.

It provides food for the elderly and their pets. This is to ensure that such elderly individuals are comfortable in all aspects of their lives.  According to America (2012), the meals supplied are both hot and ready to eat or cold and ready to microwave. Meals and Wheels Association work seeks consistent support from the community through advertisements pertaining to the significance of helping the elderly access meals. The community is a vital partner in the provision of meals because it helps alleviate the total costs incurred by the Association on the provision and supply of food to the elderly across the country.

Meals on Wheels Association of America raises funds to support its four key pillars which include the National Campaign for Community Impact, Meals on Wheels Leadership Academy, National Response to Senior Hunger, and Capacity Building.

The national campaign for community impact is a key pillar of Meals and Wheels Association. It helps in promoting independence among the elderly by ensuring that they live in their homes and access meals easily. In addition, this pillar helps in the maintenance and repair of the equipment, which facilitate the supply of meals. For instance, it helps in the maintenance of vehicles that are used to supply foods (Kendall, 2012).

Meals and Leadership Academy is another vital pillar that promotes the activities of the organization. It offers training in myriad areas such as nutrition, development, communication, development, and volunteer management. These aspects improve the quality of service provision to the elderly. Healthy foods are prepared with qualified individuals and supplied with the required level of professionalism.

“The National Response to Senior Hunger” is a pillar that emphasizes on the promotion of research, public awareness, and the identification of emerging trends in the supply of foods.  Kendall (2012) asserts that this pillar facilitates research in healthy feeding habits among the elderly in order to ensure that they are provided with meals supporting a balanced diet. In rural areas, it helps in the discovery of emerging trends that would promote easier and effective food supply to the needy old individuals.

Capacity Building is a pillar that improves the internal capabilities of the Association to supply food nationally. It helps in the provision of the right infrastructure that would facilitate food supply to all parts of the country. In addition, Capacity Building ensures efficiency and dedicated action to the supply of food.

In conclusion, “Meals on Wheels Association of America” is a health care organization that caters for unable elderly people. It ensures that elderly individuals get access to healthy meals that would help them to be independent and stay in their homes. It works with the community through donations in order to ensure that the costs of food provision are reduced.

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