Medical Uses of Drugs

In medical set up drugs are used for various reasons. The following are medical uses of drugs:

To relieve pain – One of the most disturbing systems that accompany any disease is pain. Pain causes discomfort and in most cases aggravates the sickness. Drugs have been found to be quite useful in medical set up to relive pain. In most cases, pain is treated using pain relievers.  For example analgesics like acetaminophen and paracetamol have long being used to relive mild to moderate  pain and at the same time relieve temperature and fevers while narcotic analgesics like codeine are used to relieve strong pains like migraine or dental pain.

Diagnose and prevent – Drugs are also used to diagnose and prevent illness. There are drugs which are used in laboratory set up in order to diagnose an illness. In medical set up, drugs are also used to prevent the occurrence of a disease condition. For example drugs used to low cholesterol in the blood prevent Parkinson diseases while diabetes drugs are used to control blood sugar to prevent swings in blood sugar level.

Healing –The most important medical use of drugs in any medical set up is to heal the disease condition.  Healing process occur when the disease causing organisms are destroyed and the damages they had been caused to body cells recovered. There would be not point of using drugs in case they don’t cause healing. For example the use of cancer drugs is because they have a healing property as they led to destruction of cancer cells and heal the body parts that are damaged by cancerous cells.

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