Healthcare is a major center of focus all over the world; it has generated a huge debate mostly in the European countries with politicians using it as their core agenda in campaign. In the last United States of America’s campaign, the current President Barrack Obama made a promise to his voters explaining when he was given an opportunity to serve the people he would cut the cost of healthcare services and make it affordable for citizens. Though, it has not been fulfilled, it has arisen to a heated debate between his Democrat and Republican Party. Recently, 27% reduction to physician who helps medical patients has been stopped by Congress. This indicates the urgent need of removing medical care from its present price-restriction ideal towards premium support or market based model.

The Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) formula used by government to allocate payment rates to medical doctors granted for Medical services based on economic growth is unsustainable. If this formula is still used in the regulation of tax rate, then many medical doctors will not be eligible to practice their carrier of choice. Even though, this has not been used since 2003 for Congress to get more funds to meet their budget, it complicates issues because it makes drastic cuts to meet the budget plan. Lawyers argue that their expenditure would be allocated for the shortfall, assuming the planned cuts would come into effect.

Medical care promised by President Obama uses the identical defective model, which poses more cuts from other Medical care health providers, like infirmary. This makes the alteration in the bill unjustifiable. When the President Obama promised to expand the task of Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB), which uses the price control model in this year’s budget, the opposition claimed that it is just the same as SGR.

In the event organized recently, held at The Heritage Foundation and hosted by Kate O’Beirne, participants of the event based their discussion on the religious perspective regarding the health care bill. The anti-conscience demand forces workers to allocate health insurance coverage of contraceptives, sterilization, drugs and abortion as opposed to religious and moral services. They claim that the only safer place where these values are highly valued is a church, where the test would not be into place.

In the coming price revolution, insurance firms have to publish a reasonable price for all doctors and hospitals and a web design that allows users to shop for earners. Patients will obtain information that does not steer them when it comes to cost sharing. Some people are proposing to be more open in expenditure in hospitals so that citizens can be aware of the charges.

Community involvement in school health assists in coming up with actions and specific strategies which schools can take to involve parents in healthcare activities. Giving out of books and data analysis tools can enable population to obtain information about court cases, arrests, and victimization by Office of Juvenile Justice and Department. Many bulling cases in learning centers can be prevented providing quality strategies and methods to eliminate suicide and bulling, as Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) research pointed out how critical these areas are.

In conclusion, current events on healthcare are taking places all over the universe. In Kenya, the ministry of public health has allocated parts of various hospitals for cancer patients; all are well equipped with the technological equipment for use. As the world’s growth rate keeps on increasing every year, there is an urgent need to address health care issues for a better tomorrow. Whenever there is an accident or tragedies like the one recently in Congo, people need an urgent blood transfer to enable them live. When there is a high rate of taxes on citizens, the patients might lose their life because of poor transportation system and high medical expenses. The recently held meeting by World Health Organization was focused on accomplishing a mission for a better world with good healthcare facilities.

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