Moving the Care From Hospital to Home, From Nurses to Whom?

It is notable that interest in anticipatory grief (AG) typically focuses on given terminal diseases like cancer. However, when considering most of the issues that are normally contained in AG, they tend to appear quite unique especially in the context of dementia. The reason is the progressive deterioration with regard to both physical and cognitive abilities. Considering the current study, it has been able to scrutinize AG’s nature under the basis of a sample of dementia caregivers while studying the existing relationship between AG and caregiver burden.

In order to effectively handle every process, some design and methods were put in place. At least 80 informal caregivers of people who have dementia were able to successfully accomplish interviews and questionnaires that were meant to assess their given experience regarding grief, mental and also physical health, various aspects pertaining to caregiving situations and finally the ultimate level of patient impairment. In order to examine whether AG considerably associated with the caregiver burden, it was agreed upon that given hierarchical linear regression models be put in place for examination of the same.  

The results depicted that it was apparent that AG was to be significantly and also independently linked to caregiver burden in this particular sample. Apparently this would be beyond the impacts of some well known predictors like background characteristics, some weird or rather behavior problems especially in the care recipient and also certain depressive symptoms. The entire study implies that the current outcomes tend to give a suggestion that grief may be quite an imperative yet understudied aspect when considering caregiving experience. There is the likelihood that consideration of grief especially when considering future conceptualizations of caregiver burden can cause a quite better support for caregivers and at least more perfect predictions regarding possible outcomes .

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