My Nursing Career

The core reason for choosing nursing as a career is the great opportunity which entails giving a helping hand to the needy people and eventually making a positive difference in their lives. This involves provision of the required care which results into prevention of horrible diseases. In addition, it plays a very vital role in dealing with and finding lasting solutions to different types of diseases and how each and every patient responds to certain diseases. Generally, as a nurse I extend my services and play an advocating role to communities, patients and their entire families.

Nursing as career brings out the following strengths: working tirelessly, which results into being a hardworking person. In addition, the daily interaction with patients and the entire community as a whole enables me to be a good communicator, friendly, compassionate, determined and punctual. Moreover, nursing requires teamwork, thereby, makes me qualified as a team player. On the contrary, there are several traits which portray the weakness in one as a nurse, specifically, the sensitiveness of taking issues or matters to heart and dearly. This results into greater disappointment in case things take an unexpected turn.        

There are several I am keen on: basically, I like to go fishing with the entire family and ride bicycle. In addition, I like to cook during in my spare time. During my entire life I have achieved one great thing, specifically. I have successfully gone through the whole training of nursing and graduated in August 2012, and I got a license as a RN in November 2012. However, I still have some goals which I am looking forward to accomplish in the near future.  I would like to pursue a Bachelors degree and be a nurse practitioner. Generally, I am eager to be an example to my entire family and specifically to my two daughters.  

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