New Molecule Discovered in Fight against Allergy

A study, conducted by immunologists at the University of Nottingham, has uncovered a certain molecule, which might be a solution for allergies, caused by the house dust mite. Dr Maghami Amir and Professor Shakib, the lead researchers, have isolated the molecule DC-SIGN, that appears to influence the reaction of allergic people to the house dust mite (University of Nottingham, 2012). The molecule is normally located on the immune cells surface, which enables it to recognize the allergens in the house dust mite, which is prevalent in the north of Europe. The isolation of this molecule has given us deeper insights into the mechanism of the human body’s immune system, thus, offering opportunities for the development of more treatments and therapies.

The fight against asthma is very important nowdays, as it has experienced a sharp increase not only in the UK, but in most of the industrialized countries of Europe. The isolation of this molecule helps to control asthma much better, in contrast to the conventional medicine, which offers to treat only its symptoms. Allergy is a disorder, that results from the immune system responding to the non toxic substances in the environment. The immune system then reacts by certain chemical reactions, which lead to the inflammatory conditions. Since the DC-SIGN has been identified as one of the receptor molecules, which contact with the allergens, it offers an opportunity, through which allergic responses may be controlled (University of Nottingham, 2012). The isolation of the DC-SIGN molecule, thus, offers the best chance of the proactive approach towards the fight on allergens.

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