Nutrition Analysis

Eating habits refer to the reasons behind people’s consumption of food, and specifically which kind of foods they resolve to eat. It also involves the methods people use to obtain the food, store it, use and even discard the given food. There are many factors that influence the eating habits of a certain individual, which include the demographics, cultures, and family history. Demographics tend to associate with the relations one has with his or her own peers. Peer pressure and tastes are major factors that influence exactly what one may decide to eat in a given scenario. Unless one is adequately guided and informed on the necessity of watching his or her diet, it may still turn out as detrimental to their health. Culture influences how one looks at a given diet, basing on the beliefs that his or her forefathers had on a given subject. I always concur with the latest nutritional reviews since I stand out as a firm believer that one’s diet is the only major component of health and I also wish to make the most out of my precious life. This given Diet Analysis project was extremely wonderful since it eventually gave me a necessary firsthand look at all my own dietary habits (Thiollet, 2012). 

My actual dietary intakes of different given food groups were not necessarily near what this Pyramid went out to recommend. I was greatly within the range for many grains, fruits and also milk. My analyzed consumption of all meat & also beans and the given discretionary calories were almost 181% and also150% of my given recommendation, respectively. Vegetables, which are deemed necessary for fiber, on the other hand, were notably low at a rate of 35% of my given recommended objective. It is very evident from this nutritional analysis that I have been over consuming a lot of meats/beans and also discretionary calories and clearly was consuming vegetables below the required levels. It is definite that adjusting my dietary intakes is necessary so that I can only consume more given vegetables and also a slight increase in my intake of fruits. This means that I eventually need to consume a total extra of 2.5 cups of various vegetables daily which can be achieved by always eating cauliflower carrots, salads, broccoli, and also corn. A minor increase in all fruits (~1 cup) is necessary, which will be amply dealt with by always eating an extra apple, orange or even pear on a daily basis. I consider my life the typical American given diet and also generally eat any type of meat at every given meal. One thing I may consider and deem necessary is eating smaller meat portions, and will also substitute the given various vegetables that I previously mentioned as the best alternative. It is necessary that I cut back on all discretionary calories such as any peanut butter, most cream cheese and also ice cream. I have always been consuming most discretionary calories since they are very convenient, but I see it necessary to substitute any fruit for the unhealthy snacks (Walter, 2012).  

In a bid to reduce on calories, it is necessary to check on the meals I take during the whole day and even the night. Breakfast has to be full of low fat milk and a non-stick pan and also a cooking spray should be used when scrambling the eggs. Choosing margarine that has reduced calories is also an added advantage.  In line with lunch, it is necessary to add more vegetable such as tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and lettuce to the diet. A sandwich can accompany the meal instead of taking fresh fries. Whenever I am out, substituting a green lettuce salad, as a side dish, for French fries will do me good. Dinner would better work out with steamed vegetables rather than the ones made out of buttered oil. Lemon juice can then come after.

My given carbohydrates intake recommendation was far below the given DRI recommendations. My given DRI recommendation ranged between 1560 - 2108 kcalories and the actual consumption of my body was 1210 kcalories. The daily consumption of any fiber that I consume was recorded as drastically low of 19 grams or even half of the given 38 gram that is recommended (James, 2008). Since I greatly need to continue increasing my consumption of any of the above fiber and also carbohydrates, it would be very worthwhile for one to eventually consume many fruits. I will always consume about 70 grams of any given fruit on a daily basis. I will also eat fruits that are deemed very high in all fiber like any apples and also bananas. It would be worthwhile for one to replace the refined grains with any whole grains. I always try to do without any high sugar foods in my diet but I never enjoy having any coke drink and even ice cream. However, orange juice can act as a great substitute for all these (James, 2008).

My fat consumption represented a high of 39% of my entire food intake which is deemed marginally higher than any of the necessary 20 - 35% of any total fat calories. 15% of whole total fat that I consumed was extremely saturated fat that is far much above the given 10% recommendation. I always tend to consume a lot of any dairy products and also egg yolks, both of them are definitely considered high in all saturated fat. Other given foods that are deemed high in all saturated fat are considered convenience foods for example hot dogs and also hamburgers that always I eat at any given cafeteria. Decreasing given consumption of any saturated fats calls for choosing given dairy products that have extremely lower fat contents. I will also opt for all skim or 1% milk and also 1% cottage of cheese. I also consume more of omega-6 and also omega-3 fatty acids than any recommended one (Curley, 2012). 

I always love protein that is obtained from any given animal sources and I always eat meat, any poultry, or given seafood during most of my meals. I assume a pretty high and varied metabolism and also tend to always suffer from all hypoglycemia whenever I fail to eat every four hours. Protein always accounts for more than 21% of all my calories and is deemed very perfect as the DRI recommendation of around 10 - 35%.

I strive to always getting adequate physical activity. However, it is my greatest wish to always increase my given activity level since it has many additional health benefits that are necessary for any health living. Exercise enable one reduce the amount of unnecessary fat in his or her body, and that is the desire that I hold supreme to my dietary plans. Physical activity also makes one relax his or her mind, thus having total control of your life. It is recommended by many doctors and also physicians are never left behind when it comes to this (Mahan, 2010). 

I am always receiving adequate given amounts of all vitamins and also minerals. It greatly surprised me of how much given sodium I was always receiving. My proved intake of the 5714 mg of any sodium is far much higher than any of the DRI recommended rate of 1500 to 2300 mg. the main reason I really found this to be extremely ironic is that I have never added salt to anything that I consume. In a bid to reduce any of my sodium levels I will always opt for "totally reduced sodium versions in life" and also try to eventually avoid any packaged and also preserved fresh and natural foods (Curley, 2012). 


The results if my analysis clearly indicates that the consumption of nutrients that I embrace is not as healthy as any qualified nutritionist may recommend.  It is quite vivid that consuming foods that contain basic nutritional groups such as fiber or even protein is not necessarily deemed a healthy diet. There is apt need for one to understand the foods that are healthy to consume in line with the right amount and content of proteins and fiber. Eating foods that have low nutritional value may be extremely harmful to one’s health (Galdston, 2012). 

This analysis represents exactly the nutritional value that every human being requires in his or her diet. Studying nutritional values and the significance of balancing specific foods underscores the basis of a healthy life, and, therefore makes one stand out against the crowd. Noting down and critically following any given food analysis gives one a chance to ponder on his or her eating habits. This program, set by my recommendations, could come out as the necessary dietary requirement for healthy living (Curley, 2012). 

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