Pharmacy Services

Pharmacy services therefore need to be administered effectively to enhance the overall functionality of the clinical support services.  To achieve effectiveness one may implement various procedures such as lean process improvement. The performance of the department also needs to be measured and this can be done through various performance tools such as structural indicators.

There are several ways of improving pharmacy department performance. They include:

Eliminating inventory duplication

This occurs when medication is stored in different locations which means that the staff has to search multiple areas before locating a dosage. This therefore increases the time requires to locate a product. This will translate to a lot of time wasted time in the end especially if the hospital does serve a lot of patients. Inventory duplication can be eliminated by storing medication in a single location thus reducing the time spent to locate a product (Houghton,2012).

Reducing lead time

Lead time is used to mean the time taken to take a medication dosage to the right patient. It is measured by multiplying the time from which an order is gotten and the time taken to deliver the order to the appropriate hospital floor or patient. The reduction of lead time requires the elimination of some unnecessary steps in the process of delivering the correct medication to the right patient (Houghton, 2012).

Changing pharmacy design

The pharmacy facility design should be such that it is possible to deliver medication to the correct patient in minimum time and as safely as possible.

There areas that need to measured to determine the effectiveness of new procedures. They include;

  1. Customer/patients  satisfaction
  2. Lead time
  3. Time taken to locate a dosage
  4. Number of patients served in a given period of time (Mainz, 2012).

The process of measuring performance indicator should involve several people who include;

  1. The manager him/herself
  2. External consultant if the hospital had hired one
  3. A member of the staff.
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