Rehabilitating Lindsay Morgan Lohan


Lindsay Morgan Lohan is an American celebrity. She is talented in various fields, including modeling, singing, fashion designing, acting among many others. She has had an active career since when she was a child. She is therefore a well-known public figure. Lindsay has been struggling with alcohol and hard drugs addiction for some time that has made her public image tarnish in the recent past (Barbanel, par 4-8). This paper describes procedures and approaches that I would use to rehabilitate Lindsay’s health and public image. As a public relations specialist, the most important aspect of this rehabilitation is to restore Lindsay’s image back to former glory. This can only be done by first dealing with the root of the problem, which is drug abuse and addiction. Once this has been eliminated or say controlled then repairing her public image will be the next task. 

Drug addiction is defined as uncontrollable, passionate, strong, desire, demand, and craving for drugs that results to a complex form of illness experienced by the drug user if the person lacks the drug in the system (Ploscowe, par 1). Celebrities are most common hard drug abusers and hence addicts. This is because these drugs are expensive and they can afford the drugs. Celebrities also use drugs because they believe that the drugs calm their nerves so that they may be in a position to perform their duties effectively. In the event of using these drugs, they become addicted to the drugs. Drug abuse comes with devastating consequences such as poor health, over-dependency, wastage of family and personal resources, irresponsible behaviors like involvement in fights, reckless sexual behaviors (Ploscowe, par 6-7). These effects of drug abuse are what has tarnished Lindsay’s image. This procedure is therefore a two-step process.

Drug Addiction Rehabilitation.

This is a very crucial stage in this process. It begins with Lindsay accepting that she has a problem of drug addiction (Gass and Seiter, p 230). This can be facilitated by use of a personal psychiatrist who will offer Lindsay the needed psychological guidance into accepting what she has become. Once this is achieved then the treatment procedure needs to be initiated. This will involve admission into a rehabilitation centre where the necessary drug addiction treatment plan will be offered. At this since the public already knows what has befallen their celebrity it has to be told. The importance of informing the public of the whereabouts of their celebrity will boost the image part of this restoration. The celebrity needs to be fully involved in the choosing of a suitable rehabilitation centre for her this helps in speeding up the recovery. It also prevents instances of lapses.

Public Figure Rehabilitation

Lindsay is addicted to several drugs including cocaine, alcohol, and prescription drugs. If all this addictions are managed, then repairing her public image is possible (Gass and Seiter, p 315). This mending of the public image is initiated by dealing with the stigma that resulted due to spoilt career. Stigma in the case of Lindsay resulted from drug addiction. Since she is being treated for addiction stigmatization that accompanies this must be handled. Generally, Lindsay suffers from stigma of character traits. This is what has made her to be domineering, treacherous, dishonest, and blemish of her own individual character (Fawcett, par 4-6). The process adopted to deal with this stigma will in the end restore her public image.

There are positive coping strategies that if applied well will move Lindsay towards physical and psychological health. This strategy will employ methods that will ensure that Lindsay regains a feeling of personal power, develops a sense of self-acceptance even if discriminated, and feels healthy. This strategy will be initiated by advising and convincing Lindsay to join a group. This group will have people who had a similar problem like hers. This will make her to learn how to trust and accept herself. This group will give her power to overcome her struggle (Fawcett, par 22-24). This will be done through the support and wisdom shared by the group members. Through continued group meetings, she will start to overcome the stigma (Eagly and Chaiken, p 270).

The next step will involve committing her to counseling. This counseling will offer her the much needed guidance in her healing process. According to the concept of shadows as projected by Jung, one of the ways of overcoming stressful situation is by sharing with others (Fawcett, par 26-29). Receiving professional advice will even make it better; this will hasten self-identity process (Eagly and Chaiken, p 274). Each one of us must have some shadows that when triggered by other contributing factors might lead to stigmatization. This counselor will offer therapy, speeding up the healing process.

After she has initiated counseling, she is now ready to be introduced to her funs. This will offer her opportunities of connecting to others. She will also be convinced to contact her close friends that she lost when she became an addict. Isolation enhances effects of stigma. This reconnection will immediately start curing her public image (Eagly and Chaiken, p 277). While connecting to others she will be offered opportunities to plead to her funs for forgiveness, ask her friends to help her out. The connection to her friends is very important; she will be encouraged to have casual conversations with her friends. This will be carried out both personally and through social media. She will also be encouraged to offer help to others who have a similar problem like hers. The use of phone calls will also be used to link her to others.

After she has started to develop self-confidence by reconnecting with the public, she will then be needed to join groups that carry out charity functions. In these groups,  she will be taught how to spend her surplus cash in a more positive way. This help groups are important in reconstructing her image. Life and career saving efforts are enhanced by making that person realize that the individual can still do something that can be appreciated by others. She will be guided to carry out those charity services in the community by compassion. This is supposed to be recorded and released to the media fraternity. It is a very important element in public image revitalization process.

Other effective methods of completely reconstructing her public image will involve her being used as an educator (Kruger, p 221). She will be made to host a TV program that educates the public on effects of drug abuse. In this program, she will share with the public how drugs have negatively affected her career apart from threatening her health. This will relight her torch in the public again. She will be in a position to rebuild her career again. This program will involve other people even celebrities who have once suffered from drug addiction. This will offer her opportunities to learn from others. In this process, she will be required to come up with a role model from whom she will learn from as far as drug use and abuse is concerned. She will be an advocate of education on effects of drug use and abuse. This will give her strength and build her public image. She will be seen as a reformist who has changed for the better.

Since she is a well talented artist, she can use her talent to sing, come up with cloth lines that asks for forgiveness from her funs. She will also be fully advertised as a reborn artist and I am sure if all this will be done, she will be back to her former glory within no time.  

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