Relapse Prevention for Use of Cocaine and Marijuana

Cocaine and marijuana are addictive drugs whose effects have far- reaching impacts. An addict of these two kinds of drugs requires an intensive preparation that will boost his/her confidence and capability in order to realize themselves in an attempt to achieve their goals. In addition, staying sober and recovering from the addiction requires an intensive activity to be done to avoid relapse. This paper will tend to analyze the intentions and the steps that I, as a 32-year old black male from Philadelphia will take in order to stay sober and prevent relapse from the use of cocaine and marijuana.

Cocaine has no standard treatment like most of the abused drugs (Budney & Higgins, 1998). It therefore requires a determined personality in order to deal with the challenges associated with preventing the relapse. Marijuana is also another drug whose effects have been adverse especially to my character. It causes many effects like poor judgment, social withdrawal, decrease in attention span and diminished capacity to make long-term plans (Cohen, 1980).

Relapse is a distinct possibility, which can happen to anyone who is using or has ever used drugs. The prevention of relapse will be an ongoing process, which will require both the change of my attitude (in thinking) as well as change of lifestyle and behaviors. Regardless of the period that one has been sober, there are possibilities that relapse can interfere with the programme to achieve the goals (Brown, 1989). This will require that I come up with a recovery plan, which will include an in-depth analysis of the knowledge pertaining relapse process.

Furthermore, I will be required to know the relapse signs so that I can be able to deal with them the moment they arise. To prevent relapse, I will also require attending a therapy session, where I can be able to share with some other members who have been in a similar experience and can share the relapse experience. This will give me maximum confidence that I can also handle the same situation. Therapy session will act as a psychological boost to my intentions to stop indulging in drug abuse.

The family must be willing to accept the different stages of recovery that I am to undergo through before I recover fully. They must also have full information of the dynamics and the eventualities associated with the control of the relapse. I will fully incorporate all parties close to me including the friends, relatives or the family members, as this is likely to increase the success of the recovery.

In conclusion, if all these plans will be successful, there is a high possibility that I will have recovered fully from the effects of drug abuse. In addition, thisĀ  is likely to prevent the prelapse rate.

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