Role of Physical Activity

It has been established that one of the reasons why children suffer from bone loss is lack of activity. One way this has been proven is through the fact that the arms of a tennis player have a firm bone mass as opposed to that of a non-tennis player. Assessment of this phenomenon among the minors has not been easy since children have unreasonable time estimates spent in a variety of activities. This did not however affect the consistency of inferences made from a variety of experiments. It was noted that an increase in the activity of a child translated into an increase in his bone mass which is desirable since it reduces probabilities of fractures (Slemenda et al 1228).

While activity like sport is encouraged to help in the skeletal mass formation, sporting activities have be know to be sources of injury and discretion should be observed. As Caine etal (749) observe, physical injury could culminate in an irreparable damage to the young cells of the child. This will in turns affect the overall growth of the child. The growth cartilage in the young ones is not as resistant to stress as is the case for adults.  When sporting, the coach of the team and the team doctor need to pay particular attention to any injury and attend to it in its initial stages.

Parents have not been very sure who to believe as they hear conflicting information about activity and their children. On one hand, they hear it is good for them while on the other they fear that injury will hinder proper growth of their kids. Even more important is the making out a distinction between competitive sporting activities and strength training (Holly and Kimberly).

Faigenbaum et al (109) describe the research that was done to determine how strength training impacted on children. The experiment involved strength training for 8 weeks followed by a de-training for 8 weeks. The findings of the experiment revealed that strength training crash programs helped children grow stronger although this was realized to be temporary as their bodies retuned to their original form after they were relieved of the training program.

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