Sleep Medicine

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Vidya Pai and I am a pediatric resident at name of university. I’m writing to express my interest in your fellowship program in sleep medicine.

My lecturers made me aware of the sleep fellowship program in your institution and when I understood what you do in introducing your learners to a medical environment of complex, unique and the challenging field of medicine, I came to the realization that your program would be a good stepping stone in my career. I further discovered that your program emphasizes the interface between behaviors that are rarely addressed in the medical field and contemporary medical disorders. I believe on these grounds, I will be more knowledgeable in pediatrics care.

In addition, your program will enable me take part in the activities of clinical medicine service which will not only be confined to pediatrics but also to adults. The cutting edge focus of your program on sleep as a sophisticated psychiatric, behavioral and a neurophysiologic disorder will effectively enable me expand my knowledge on the discipline as well. Through your program, I will be able to effectively understand existing dilemmas in sleep related disorders or the investigations associated with yet to be determined relation between different components of pathological and normal sleeping. When I inquired into how the program works, I found it fulfilling and I was encouraged by the fact that I will have the opportunity to further dig deeper into the pediatrics discipline.

I would like to further discuss my intent to join your program on phone. My cell phone number is insert no. and my email address is insert email.


Vidya Pai.

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