Social Anxiety Disorder

When an individual is suffering from social anxiety disorder, they will have several challenges and they will have problems that will include being sexual dysfunction. When an individual has problems of sexual dysfunction he may experience erectile dysfunction, avoiding sex, and the individual will also experience decrease in enjoying the sexual experience. At times some of the drugs that are administered for those suffering from social anxiety disorder may also cause sexual dysfunction these drugs include serotonin reuptake inhibitors.

Research into these topics is still ongoing but it has shown that there is relationship between social anxiety disorder and sexual. People who are known to suffer from social anxiety disorder have a huge fear of performing sexually and hate relationships which are intimate.  Men, who have social anxiety disorder have been found to have serious sexual problems as they are impaired moderately and also enjoyed orgasm, were satisfied and their sexual arousal was moderate.  For women suffering from social anxiety disorder, their case is severe as they are severely impaired in their ability to be aroused, in their desire of sex and also it is hard to satisfy them and they are less interested in sexual activity.

It is crucial if an individual has been professionally diagnosed as having social anxiety disorder and has challenges functioning sexually, it is crucial they visit a therapist or a doctor. When reported the doctor or therapist will be able to treat issues regarding sexual performance which are caused by anxiety and that the doctor will also be able to treat social anxiety disorder after the tests have confirmed that the individual is not performing because of medical erectile dysfunction. Additionally after addressing the sexual problems afflicting the individual, it will be easier for the therapist or doctor to have medication that is tailored to the individual needs of the.

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