Statistics About Diabetes

According to Ohio State University Wexner Medical,African Americans more prevalent to diabetes more than Caucasian Americans, almost two times more (2012). According to the statistics, obesity appears to be the greatest risk causes for initiating diabetes in the African Americans, particularly with African-American women leading with around 70% as compared to their male counterparts which is 30%. Other facts this disease, according to statistics from the daily nation, which are worth noting, are below.

Afro-Americans with this disease do experience frequent kidney failure roughly five times more frequently than their colleagues Caucasian Americans. Having almost around 40 % up to around 50% higher chances for evolving the diabetic retinopathy, which according to Schultz, these people have a higher rate of the hypertension (2012).  According to the statistical findings, the gestational for diabetes might be 60% to 70% more likely amongst the Afro-American women more than the Caucasian women.

African-Americans is more prevalence of the type II diabetes as compared to their Whites counterparts which is around 12.1 vs. 7.2%, correspondingly (Murrock, 2009). However, both African-American and  women have been established that they have over 50 percent more prevalence rate of the  type II diabetes as compared  as compared to their male counterparts. The statistics also showed that the African-Americans have a higher rates of mortality in association with a diversity of much diabetic complications  and morbidity (Murrock, 2009).

According to the aforementioned statistics, diabetes can be classified as the sixth foremost cause of several deaths in the entire, and the world’s fifth prominent cause of numerous death as from the year 2007. The statistics also shown that, as a result,  the government spends around $126 billion on a yearly basis as direct medical costs. It also costs an expense of around $60 billion yearly in indirect costs. As a class this report is extremely beneficial, a part from educating us health wise, it teaches us to avoid this disease, to cut down the indirect and the direct expenses incurred as a result, these can then be directed to other sectors of the economy.

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