Study Guide for Emergency Vascular Quiz

Unconscious persons are affected by muscle relaxation; as a result the tongue blocks this person’s airway. This affects their breathing habits. Back head tilting of these people opens their airway. The other way of opening their airway is by pulling their tongue forward this prevents the tongue from blocking the throat .To check whether they are breathing is also important and it’s achieved by looking at their chest to see if it’s moving. Breathe feelings it’s also important by use of your cheek.

The abdominal thrust helps reserve air in the lungs of a person that is utilizes the air reserves in the lungs. Abdominal thrust can be conducted In the case of drowning victims helps remove water from their lungs.

Peripheral perfusion simply it’s concerned in checking on the blood delivery into the peripheral tissues of the body. It’s assed by; checking the warmth of the foot at several intervals, checking on the patient’s oxygen saturation and checking toe temperature in adult patients.

Peripheral artery disease is the arteries hardening. This occurs as a result of fatty materials forming along the arteries walls. As a result arteries stiffen and are not able to accommodate more blood because they become narrow. This blocks the muscle from getting enough oxygen and blood. The long term effect is that this situation leads to open sores and ulcers.

In the case of peripheral vascular disease the main complicating results from blood vessels being inflammable which causes damage to blood vessels all over the body.

The symptoms of peripheral vascular disease are pain in the legs and thighs. This usually occurs when one is walking, or even while resting. Other symptoms and signs are pain in the buttocks, numbness legs being weak, pain in the legs and toes while at rest, sore legs and hair loss on the both legs.

When a person is suffering from peripheral artery disease symptoms include pain in the muscles when walking which stops when one is resting, difficulty in walking, sores on the lower side of the food which do not heal, loss of hair or a poor growth in nails .

In the case where a knife has been imbedded in a victim’s leg, you gently remove the knife from the leg, then tie the leg tightly to reducing bleeding .Wash the wound with disinfectants like dettol then you tie it with a bandage.

When a person is displaying signs of shock the first thing to do is to ensure that the patient is lying down. Ensure that the patient has most comfort, and then ensure that the patient has enough warmth by covering the patient with warm clothes like a blanket. Finally ensure that the patient is calm.

When giving fluids to a patient who is unconscious may result in chocking the patient .First is to ensure that the patient is calm and is supported and is lying in a good position, But giving fluids to such a patient should not be done and consultations from physician should be done

In case a person has heavily bleeding cut on the head you should first tie the cut with a clean cloth to stop bleeding .Then later wash the cut with disinfectants and then tie it with a bandage and then seek medical attention from a physician later.

The main cause of the peripheral artery disease is hardening of the arteries due to fatty materials along the arteries .Such patients should avoid food with a lot of fat and involve themselves in physical exercise to reduce fat. They should also feed on balanced diet.

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