The Cognitive Psychology of Schizophrenia


The Problem

The cognitive schizophrenia model defines disorders which are the result of generic interplay, psychological, environmental and cognitive factors. These disorders can be approached through the use of schizophrenia model. This indicates that generic factors are highly contributed to these disorders. It is clearly shown by the case of twins.  When one of them suffers from this disorder the expectancy of the other one developing the same pathology grows. But the latter applies only for identical twins, the chance of non-identical twin acquiring this disorder along with his counterpart drops significantly (Riso, 2007).

Objectives of the Study

To try and identify how these cognitive models explain schizophrenia in terms of stress. To define the relations between development of the disorder and stress. To investigate the connection between stressors accumulation and the risk of schizophrenia development. . To give a closer look to some stressors, like parental viral infection.


These disorders can be explained by the cognitive theory of disorder. The theory states that people react in an emotional behavioral way to events on the basis of how they interpret these events. Our thoughts lead us to emotional reactions which in their turn determine our behavior.

Data Collection Methods

The following methods were used to obtain this data: literature review, including research of information in media, on the Internet and other sources with issues related to these pathological disorders. Personal interviews were conducted, with considerate focus on the groups of people who have these disorders at the moment or had experienced them in the past. Some interviews were conducted over the telephone and email, internet surveys were done.

Research Questions

Does the stress provoke the development of these disorders? What impact does the stressors accumulation have on a person?  Are there any ways to reduce the risk of developing these disorders and if there are, what are they?

Summary of the Study.

In compliance to the research questions it is clear that these disorders develop as a result of stress. This happens when predisposition is created by generic abnormalities. When an individual is exposed to many stressors or experiences stress for a long period of time he or she develops these disorders. There are two ways of treatment for patients suffering from these disorders – new learning stimulation which improves patient`s condition, also by improving patient`s functioning. The other method that can be used is creation of new environment by a certain individual who eliminates patient`s contacts with stress stimulus to reduce patients` stress level and abate risk of developing these disorders (Halgin & Whitbourne, 2010).


The research shows that twins can also develop these disorders where, for identical twins. The research shows that twins can also develop these disorders where, for identical twin chance of developing these disorders along with his counterpart is high in comparison to non-identical twins. Accumulation and growth of a stress level in person increases the risk of acquiring the disorders. Researchers are working on developing new treatments for those disorders and improving the already available ones.

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