Themes of Nursing

Employee motivation is vital in the achievement of organizational goals. Nursing recruitment and a healthy working environment help improve the quality of services offered by nurses to the patients. Therefore this article seeks to examine various nursing themes related to nursing recruitment.

Considering flexibility of the working schedule, female nurses are the worst hit by the demands of their families. A flexible schedule ensures that nurses get enough time for their families. Maher et al. (2010) showed that there are shortages of staff in the Australian nursing industry due to lack of flexibility in the working schedule. The study indicates that initiating a flexible schedule in the nursing industry will motivate the nurses by harmonizing their families’ and job demands.

Moreover, salary is a very sensitive factor in motivation of employed nurses. Maher et al. (2010) found out that remuneration determines the number of hours nurses directly commit to patient service delivery.  The survey findings show that the underpaid Australian nurses are least motivated to work for longer hours. Similarly, job security is also crucial in the employee development as it influences the mobility of nurses from one health institution to another. A study done by Wiskow et al. (2010) found out that lack of job security instills fear in the nurses as well as reduce their job satisfaction.

According to Eley et al. (2010), nurses often consider second career choices based on factors such as family responsibility, negative attitude towards the work shifts and an opportunity for better payment in another career.  Finally, personal satisfaction and growth of nurses is greatly influenced by their ability work both as an individual and as a team. Kalisch (2010) further established that higher levels of nurses’ fulfillment in teamwork contribute heavily to increased job satisfaction of the nurses as does their personal growth.

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