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Life and Death - Two Aspects of Life

Life and death are two aspects of life, which attract diverse opinions between the scientific community and across the m... Details

Indian Philosophies

The conflict between self righteousness and the worldly perversions in the human conduct, judgment and moral values stil... Details

Sufism and Modernity

In the Muslim world, Sufism has not only seen itself through the twenty-first century but also had a momentous resurgenc... Details

The Ethics of Confucius

Confucian teachings explain good government as a country or society as benevolent, united, and being run by a good offic... Details


Aristotle defines the causes as a misleading and yet a traditional way of finding the meaning of the word responsibility... Details

Ring of Gyges

According to philosopher Plato, people will act ethically involuntarily and also because they have no power to do things... Details