A Leader Like Any Other: Jesus Christ


A leader is someone with personality to guide people in the right direction and a role model to  others. Good leaders possess unique characters, and Jesus had these characters.

Jesus, a leader like any other.

Jesus Christ is the best character we have in the Bible who displays many of management techniques. Among the best technique is the globalization, such as Jesus himself was a perfect character who interchanged his heavenly ideas to everyone he came across despite the race, nation like the Jews and Samaritans. This meant that he was able to relate and exchange ideas to anyone.

Jesus Christ played a major role in social responsibility by helping the needy, healing the sick, even encouraging those who were heartbroken by giving them hope. This shows that he can manage the spiritual gift bestowed to him. Jesus was morally upright, honest and noble. It means that he was able to associate with everyone despite their status in the society. He attended to the sick and this drew many people closer to hear his word, which was motivating and giving hope to these people. Also, decision-making is a key for effective management, and Jesus was making his own decisions since childhood until he was crucified. Jesus had planned his activities from the time he descended till he ascended. A good leader must have a plan of a series of activities to be carried, set goals to be achieved. All this Christ did everything to make sure what he had set was achieved on time.

Jesus analysed strengths and weaknesses of his disciples before assigning duties to them like preaching and healing, thus displaying characters of a leader who is able to manage those whom he worked with. When opportunity rose, he was able to meet even those who were not regarded by the society, such as the woman at the well. When he was faced with threats from Jews, Pharisees, he did not fear  instead he faced the reality knowing what was awaiting in the future and his goals. This is what is required of any leader in managing potentials in achieving their goals.


Jesus Christ demonstrated all the above characteristics needed by leaders to be successful in the management of organizations. A good leader should follow the example of Jesus Christ to be able to deliver the organizational goals and target.

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