Biography of Xiwei Huang

Have you ever dreamed of being in a video studio editing a video surrounded by actors as well as their directors? Xiwei Haung dreamt to edit one of the many videos she had recorded during her visit to different parts of the world and travelling across China. This dream was fulfilled by the strong believe she had in Liuyi, a Chinese philosopher who said that  traveling 10,000 miles is better than evaluating  10,000 books.   

Xiwei Huang was born in China 18 years ago. She lived in different parts of China, namely Shanghai, Nanjing, and Wuhan. Despite many challenges of living in China at the time of her birth, Xiwei Huang grew up with a focused mind of   achieving her target goals in life. Despite all challenges which every human being faces in life, she did not let these challenges deter her from achieving her goals up to this age. Xiwei’s interests were focused on knowing more and getting education in video sector. Luckily, her parents were able to support her all through, and more to that, encouraged these interests. Initially, these encouragements drove her to excel.

Xiwei like any other human being or kid had some hobbies. She liked travelling to many parts of the world as a way of adventuring. This is evident as she was lucky to have stayed in different parts of China which was her homeland. After that, she had  been to other parts of the world, namely in Nontana, Califonia, Nevada, Idaho, Utah, and Arizona getting a chance to have a video of Arizona jungle which is one of the world’s biggest jungles. When she had a journey to any place, she always was sure that she carried a video recorder. This enabled her to make videos of the place she visited. Speaking about the Chinese culture, Xiwei Haung greatly likes Chinese food; like any other kid brought up in a Chinese culture, she developed a positive motive towards her native food stuffs.

When Xiwei Haung was at the age of five, she had an interesting experience. Because of her great love of traveling to different parts of her country, one day, she went with her mother to the town to do shopping. Xiwei Haung had to wait for her mother out of the shopping store. In the process of shopping, her mother forgot her outside the shopping store. After two hours of search, Xiwei was found in the hotel they had previously visited with her mother. She was able to locate this place, because she developed a very positive attitude towards all those areas he used to travel to. She was always keen as she used to record videos of these places.

Currently,  Xiwei  has  a strong believe in the Chinese philosopher Liuyi’s thoughts  about traveling  to as many places as possible. This believe, according to Xiwei Huang,  gives more  strength  to her character and a chance of  travelling and making videos of what was seen during the journey taken  gives her much knowledge, more than the way she would have read 10,000 books. Xiwei is now at the age of 18 years. She has worked hard and ensured that she has made as many videos as possible with the dream in mind that one day she would stand a chance of being a video editor. After graduating from high school, Xiwei Haung would work on her videos and bring something educational about her life or even about the places she travelled to.  “My utmost accomplishment is to link with an upper institute of learning with the aim to prove that Liuyi’s quotes  about travelling and reading a book’s hidden message becomes clear to all people   when my own video about travelling  will be out after  I would edit it  myself”

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