Buddhism: Four Noble Truths

Buddha is a form of enlightenment to many. There are four noble truths that Buddha observed. They explain the cause of human suffering and, give way to get rid of it.

The first noble truth is suffering. Suffering is as a result of holding everything that surrounds one as eternal. It explains that all things are temporal. Whether poor or rich, life subjects one to trauma right from birth, all are prone to sicknesses, fear of degenerating physically and mentally and fear of dying and leaving behind the loved ones but, the truth is all these must happen to all.

Suffering comes from desires in life. Desire brings passion to gain temporal things. These things that are passing away could be physical, ideas or all the things that a human being can imagine and perceive. The desire to accumulate a lot of wealth, pursuit of power, fame and passion for many things in life bring craving. Clinging to the already achieved things also leads to suffering because all these things are transient.

The third noble truth puts it that there is a way out of suffering. This is through ceasing to attach one’s passion to the things that are impermanent, by creating dispassion towards them. This leads to Nirvana, freedom from worries, ideas, troubles and mental longings that cause suffering. This only happens when one gets rid of the temporal things and instead focuses on divine and eternal ones.

In order to end this suffering, one has to go through a path of self-improvement. This happens gradually where one has to seek peace and light. This is through right mind set for this leads one to do well to others and attaining wisdom that can end suffering. When one walks through the path of Eightfold, all the desires that cause suffering end and one attains peace.

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