Happiness and Life

There are twelve different types of fallcies which are being described in the book Geograhpy of Bliss by Eric Weiner. The first fallacy is the happiness quest fallacy. In this form of fallacy the happiness is being found by searching it. The search for happiness is based on a self centered approach. Another fallacy is the dominance fallacy. In this type of fallacy people try to obtain happiness just by showing their superiorness over others. This superiority can be in the form of attaining something better than others, can be the social norms, can be the education, or some other mean. People have to boast in attaining happiness. Chimery fallacy is based on the desires for which one can feel happiness but these desires are not based on reality but they are mostly prone to fantasy. In this sort of people remain in elusions instead of loving the objects in reality. Perfection fallacy is based on the idea that you cannot feel happiness if you are not perfect in drawing, perfect in driving, and your body is not perfect, your home is not perfect and one remains in the longing that everything must be perfect. The sense of perfection induces a sense of fear due to which people have to keep their things in close custody.

Pulchritudinous fallacey is a fallacy in which he or she feels happiness unless people are showing their love for him or her. People with such inclination also suffer psychological problems due to their over ambitious attitude and this ultimatley yields unhappiness in their lives. The effortless fallacy is based on the theory that one cannot be happy if the conflicts are there in the life. So it is essential first to eliminate all sort of conflicts from life and then enjoy which is a mission impossible. The people with this idea become spirtually dead at the end. This sort of fallacy forces that people are no more interested in their lives and they utilize their lives in the elimination of unwanted events and this thing ultimately turns the lives full of boredom.

Narcissistic fallacy is an idea in which people are of the veiw that they will feel happiness only if the whole world would accept the thing that we are only right in our opinions and life styles. So people think themselves as stereotypes that the whole world must follow them as a key role. At the end if they see the world is not going to follow them then this thing indluge them into sever pain and agony and they feel unhappiness in life. Spiteful fallacy is one in which people are of the view that they will only feel happiness unless they would not take the revenge from the offender. This thing indulges them in everlasting rage which is very fatal for them rather they are trying to find happiness in such activities. But such an idea forces them to live in oblivion. The vindication fallacy is an idea in which he or she tries to force the exboyfrieds or exgirlfriends or parents that he or she will never fail in the life and the success is a part and parcel of his or her life. But this sort of egotism ultimately yields unhappiness in the life of people though successful in their lives.

Intellectual fallacy is the one in which people try of find out happiness in the form that they are more intellegent and they have the longings that other people must love and admire them for their intelligence. But people following such a way for happiness ultimately become the victim of loneliness and unhappiness. Melacholic fallacy is the one in which people try to see them as sad and they see themseleves more deeply. People with such an attitude consider themselves as deeper than others and they try to search happiness in this way but this thing ultimately indulges them in loneliness and unhappiness.

There is a friend in my neighbourhood who is a victim of some of these fallacies. First of all I would like of start from the intellectual fallacy. My friend considers himself the most intelligent one in the world and he is of the view that you must keep yourself away from general community of people who are ordinary people with ordinary knowledge. Due to this nature of my friend people are avoiding his company and he is feeling more melancholic in life. He is also the victim of spiteful fallacy that he ever wishes to take revenge from his offender. As he is an employee and he says that I would ever like to take revenge even in my office from junior staff that is not willing to obey my orders either the orders are right or wrong. So this sort of fallacy also making him lonely in the office and the people are going to avoid him even in the office. In his office he is also the victim of vindication fallacy. He ever tries to show to his seniors that he is very hard working and he is ready to accept each and every challenge in the life even at the cost of his personal happiness. He tries to prove himself as a champion that he would be successful in each and every task. This thing has made him more serious and unhappy in the life because such a life even causes to cut the social life of a person especially the family life and when the family life shatters then there would be severe sort of problems in the future. He is also a victim of narcissistic fallacy and he tries to prove that he is right in every thing and his life style is very superior and he is of the ambition that the people must follow him in each and every aspect of life and he is symbol as a star for the whole world. But he is ever disliked by the people and when people deny his claims then he feels unhappiness in his life.

The Weiner’s conditions for happiness are very evident from the fallacies which are described above. For happiness it is essential that don’t confine yourself to your entity only rather see the world or culture around you with its prevailing norms. For happiness it essential that don’t show domination and try to adopt mild attitude towards others. Domination induces a sense of inferiority in the heart and mind of others in the society. Try to show your full involvement in the social and cultural activities with full zest and courage because this thing would help you in analysing the overall philosophy of happiness. As wealth is a primary source of happiness but the only accumulation of wealth cannot make someone fully happy in the life. You must try to analyse happines try in reality instead of keeping yourself in mere fantasies. Happiness can be achieved not only in perfection but the involvement in daily routine life is also a cause of concrete happiness. Instead of longing something from others you must try to love and help others for real happiness. You must try to face to conflicts positively instead of feeling too much conscious about them. For happiness don’t remain disconnected from the outer world. Avoid filthy richness for real happiness.

Here I am going to portrait one of my uncle who conforms to the happiness conditions as laid by Eric Weiner. He is man with rational sense and he tries to search life in his society and culture and he does not confine himself to his own entity or simply he is not a selfcentered person. He ever tries to love others and don’t pose his dominance over others. As he is a wealthy man but for him the wealth is not a standard of happiness. He has to see each and every thing in reality and he is not a man of fantasies or imagination. For him the real happiness is in the waking condition instead of seeing the dreams in day light. He ever tries to solve the problems or conflicts of life in a positive way and don’t take them as the serious factors in life. The conflicts are the part and prcel of the life of a human being.

The statements which are being given by Eric are very powerful in this world of mammon worship. Most of the people are unhappy due to the fact they are trying to get money and the money is the only end of their lives. The gree for money ever yields monotony in the lives of the people and they feel unhappy. The very strength of the analysis of happiness and unhappiness is revolving around the fallacies which are depicted by the author in a more artisitc style. People ever try to find out happiness by using the means which are vulgur and not appropriate in a society which is more educated and serious. The writer has defined the happiness in a more logical way and one can easily understand the hidden facts about happiness.

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