For human beings, intelligence is a trait that refers to the ability to know how to act or what to say in the particular moment. Intelligent people are always aware of what is happening around them, how to solve the problems surrounding them, and how to deal with any person not depending on their personality. Human behaviour that represents intelligence include good reasoning, ease of learning, good memory, excellent planning skills, understanding, excellent learning skills, problem solving skills, and good decision making.

These characteristics can be tested in many ways that depend on the culture of an individual. For instance, among many African men communities, these traits can be tested in the way how an individual takes care of his family. An African man, whose wife and children are heavily built, is supposed to be intelligent, because he uses his intelligence to take care of his family. In the American context, a man who has much property, a lot of money and power is intelligent because he is capable to amass the few available resources to enrich him. Among the African children, intelligence is tested depending on their ability to take care of domestic animals and their homestead. In the American context, intelligence in children is tested due to their ability to play video games and other technology related activities.

In making my list, I faced with the difficulty of choosing from many characteristics that describe intelligence, since intelligence may mean many other traits like cleverness and forgiveness, which are not among my list. The difficulty in designing my assessment devices came because in the present day technology is widespread and so the cultures have intermixed. It is, therefore, hard to distinguish one culture from the other.

In my interview, a friend described intelligence as being successful in the terms of having a well-paid job, a good house, and a happy family. He believes that he is intelligent enough because he is undertaking his undergraduate education, which will help him to have a comfortable life further. A female friend considered intelligence as being a devoted Christian because such individuals live the crime-free life. She believes she is intelligent because she has devoted her life to the church, and in doing so she has no time to commit any crimes. Lastly, an elderly relative of mine believed that intelligence is an ability of being able to reason in any situation. He believes that he is intelligent because he has the power to reason and solve problems. He realized that he is intelligent when he once used his reasoning to help a child that had stuck a bean grain into his nose. 

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