Liberals should Think for Themselves

Liberalism is an existent fact that in the minds of the people who practice it that there should be liberty world over and in addition, to that equal rights. Through these views, the liberal minded individuals portray a lot of distinct characteristics. Human rights and the abortion factor have always been an issue in the liberal setting and this factor, therefore, has led to many ideologies that call for open mindedness in the decisions that the liberals make in their day to day decisions. During the age of enlightenment, the ideology of liberalism became widely spread since the liberals wanted to come out with ideologies that could show that they had finally understood life. The ideology was first created by John Locke. The paper discusses liberalism and the matter of being independent in their decisions.        


From the time of its inception, many liberals have not known the freedom of independent decision making. Rather, they have been led by the rules that led to its formation. It is evident that the world is consistently changing and, therefore, it means that there should be the inclusion, and tolerance of new ideologies in the liberal minds. This, therefore, means that with an issue like abortion it should not be a one sided affair but rather there should be a mix of ideas. This is actually a part of what the liberals champion for, pro-democracy. The hearts of liberals always turn cold when they are exposed to matters that they do not support. A case example is the fact that many liberals would wish to support abortion at some point or the other, but what holds them back is the fact that they have to uphold the settings of the ideology. The new decision by many states and the courts of justice, and this is in case the case of Roe v. Wade. It is evident that the liberals enjoyed the support that they got during the earlier periods of democracy. The liberals thought that they were favored during these times since the ideologies that they carried supported the fact that there should be no abortion (Tatalovich 128). Nevertheless, in the recent past, the matter has changed as there are many courts that have come up with ideologies that legalize abortion. This has in the result led to an outcry from the conservative liberals who feel that the world is turning toward the wrong direction. This matter can be reviewed to conclude that there should be steps that are taken to educate the conservatisms.

The matter can additionally be looked into from the point of the judicial system. It is known that justice is one of the most rigid institutions in the land, and if the institution has recognized the fact that people should be given the idea that they should be free then it adds up that liberals should be given a chance to choose which side they are on in the matter of abortion. It is evident that the ideologies of liberals are usually controlled by the few influential individuals, and this affects the way people think. If a liberal minded is not in a conformation with the leader’s ideologies then it is viewed as a rebellion and that person is labeled as a non- liberal. This is completely against the foundations that liberalism was founded and, therefore, in the opinion of the masses, there should be a complete change in the way the system is governed (Dombrowski 97). Many American civil unions call for the legalization of abortion. This is because there are many instances that abortion would be favored as opposed to the opposite. An example is when there is a situation in which the life of a mother endangered, and the only way out would be to abort the kid that she has. This then would mean that, if liberalism is considered the life of the mother should be terminated as well as that of the offspring. This is a risky affair and any person who is of view of supporting life should be allowed to say it is wrong. This is where the liberal ideas lack and consequently, in any opinion, they should be allowed to air what they feel as opposed to the rule of the masses.

The typical European ideologies of conservatism upheld the movement of liberalism, and the union of ideas that would translate to that people would not be permitted to carry out ideas that are not in favor of the movement. This is as contrary to the United States that called for the union of ideas, and this meant that there would be a point in history when there would be a revolt in the people who considered themselves liberals. This revolt has gradually materialized, and it is evident that the way that there are many liberals that are coming out to call for the end of it (Rubin 108). The issue of abortion is a self judgment. However, it is controlled by the state to some extent, and this means that the matter is not fully legalized. Therefore, the liberals should welcome it as a way of joining the society that they are somewhat trying to avoid. Liberals should be allowed to be pro-choice than pro-life. This would really mean that there is liberalism in the movement as a whole. Many historical figures for example, Thomas Malthus, have called for the inclusion of a free mind state that aims at promoting liberalism as a movement, as opposed to an organization run by individuals. The liberty that the movement champions for is an extra component that should be used to call for the seclusion of ideologies that limit freedom. The dark eye came into full view during the end of the year 1950 when the world started abandoning conservatism theories and started focusing on better and more liberal ideas (Wetstein 70). These ideologies to the liberals were not the freedom oriented, as they saw that they were being subjected to more blasphemous ideologies. According to the front runners in those times, they viewed the new happenings as sabotage to the movement at a time when they were enjoying a glory of ideas.

In the new world and times, it is evident that there should be contemporary ideologies to support the new movements that depict the real change in the world. This is a matter that is sidelined in the world and, therefore, liberalism should take in the new challenges as an awakening of inclusion of ideas that will support it even more. It is an obligation in the new world that each member of the liberalist movement to be free minded, and this means that in the matter of abortion, each member should be allowed to come out with an ideas that they see favor them (von 106). The ideas that govern a principal lead body are always individual, due to the fact that a big number of people, would like to see that they are free in order to further the interest of the group. Liberalism is built in view of personal freedom and democracy and this ideology can be put into practice through the inclusion of free will in ideas by the members and everybody should be allowed to think for him or herself.            


In conclusion, the matter of being liberal is personal and, therefore, issue of supporting several factors an example being abortion or being against it should be left to air out their views. This will encourage the inclusion of ideas and at the same time will encourage more people to join the movement, as they will see it as democratic in addition to this the movement would regain its lost glory.

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