Mind and Body Awareness

Mind and body awareness is a key element in therapeutic approaches. The approaches are majorly yoga, TaiChi and body awareness. This medical practice has numerous realized benefits. One of the key benefits is the greater unity between the mind and body. In the perceived unity, there is also the union of the body and self. The program is also beneficial since it helps in relaxation of chronic pain, and in some instances, it can be useful as a relaxer to the HIV 1 (Mehling & Wrubel, 2011, p. 2). The awareness is also very useful since it helps in curing of sleep problems and relieving of stress. It is also beneficial in body fitness that is associated to no illness.  

Relation to Total Fitness

The program is beneficial since it helps the participants to realize overall fitness. This is because the participants who take place in the awareness feel a change in the mind and personality of the body. There is also a general change in the emotions; that is a positive achievement (Mehling & Wrubel, 2011, p. 1).

Issues of Mental Health

Mental health problems are broadly divided into two. They are neurotic and psychotic problems (Mental Health Foundation, 2011, p. para 2). Neurotic symptoms include depression and anxiety. Psychotic problems include hallucinations.

Body Ailments/Diseases related to Mental Health

Various body ailments are related to health; an example is Body Dysmorphic Disorder. This part of ailment creates a lot of attention to body image. Stress can lead to diarrhea and chest pains (Segal, 2011, para. 5).

How Yoga and Pilates are of benefit to Mind/Body Awareness

These are two fitness disciplines that are very similar in terms of their contribution to body wellness. The two practices help the body since they lean muscles and harden the body while at the same time enable quick thinking (Mehling & Wrubel, 2011, p. 2). Pilates improves body flexibility and strengthens the muscles most specifically the ‘torso’, abdominal and the back muscles. Pilates offers lessons in body control which improves self-awareness and the body’s well-being.

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