Mistakes are Opportunities

Once, one of the wise men said, "Mistakes are opportunities for learning”. For instance, American actress and writer Elizabeth Stamatina "Tina" Fey says that there are no mistakes, only opportunities. More than often, people get through mistakes before accomplishing their dreams and goals. For most of us, mistakes present opportunities to learn new things and decide how to do something in a better way. Some of the world’s most successful men and women say that it is after several attempts and a few mistakes that they developed a new learning curve and accomplished their dreams. Consequently, the society has made us believe that mistakes is not a step towards success; they make us inadequate and inferior. The society continues to view mistakes as ineffectual and shameful.

Personally, I believe that mistakes are opportunities for learning.  Even though mistakes occur, because we lack adequate time for training and learning, they are a part of the learning process. This is clear because, after every effort that one makes, he/she gets an excellent basis to learn even more. For instance, my personal attestation of why mistakes are opportunities for learning emanates from Mathematics classes. I could not easily get the points right and often made mistakes during this class. Even after a few mistakes, I still had the urge to better my grades; I improved in the end. This was an excellent manifestation as to why an individual should strive to reduce mistakes and use that experience to find a workaround.

When people acknowledge that they have made a mistake, it provides a ground for personal development and an opportunity to learn. I believe that mistakes give us a chance to grow. This is because after recognizing personal mistakes and putting in place mechanisms not to repeat the same mistake, we get an opportunity to grow from this realization.

Therefore, I feel that mistakes are excellent examples from which I learn. It is crucial to remember that success is a process of people’s learning. Mistakes are a part of the process of personal development, and they lay the foundation for us to learn, develop, and grow. I feel that any mistake that is corrected will enhance personal development.

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