Reasons why People Complain

As we go about life we tend to encounter a lot of challenges. And as we all are different,   people usually react to these challenges in different manners. Most people do not like unfair treatments and as such if treated in such a manner they tend to react by showing their disapproval and complaining. This is not the only reason why people complain others complain just to make them feel better about themselves. Others on the other hand would complain just because they feel like complaining. Most people usually complain because they want to feel as part of group of others in the society. They believe as human beings we should all be given equal treatment no matter what the situations are. Complaining is usually not a bad thing because at times if one does not complain people are likely to take advantage over the person. If workers don’t complain their working conditions or their wages may not be improved. If citizens of a country do not complain there government is most likely going to misuse their money. There are different kinds of complains that people usually make this complains have either their own justifications or rebuttals.

Many people are normally positive and optimistic, while others tend to view the world in a more negative manner always thinking that the glass is half-empty. For such people it is natural for them to complain more than the other would normally do. However, a person who is always complaining is not always pessimistic or unhappy. In life we have things that we mostly like complaining about. There is usually an obvious connection between what happens in ones life and the things that the person mostly complains about. If a person is experiencing difficulties in life at a given time, one is more likely to complain during this time than when the person is experiencing a good time. Though there are some exceptional individuals who love complaining regardless of the life situation they are facing.

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People usually complain because of a number of reasons. To a number of people, complaining emanates from a true sense of unhappiness.  This people may be unhappy about themselves or about the way they lead their lives. In order to express this they complain to others about the bad fortune that has befallen them. Normally if a person is that unhappy no matter what happens in his life one would always find something to complain about. One has to complain for according to such a person it is a way of coping with the unhappiness one has. This type of complaining is different to what people normally do in normal life. Everybody complains about little things like poor working conditions but because we are not truly unhappy there is no need for us to complain all the time, Even though in life we do not lack compulsive complainers.

Not all people complain incessantly due to unhappiness. Some do so because it is some kind of bad habit that they have acquired. These kinds of people normally need to complain for no good reason. Some of them are so used to complaining at all times that they even fail to notice that they are doing it. Such people are easily recognized by their casual way of complaining. They complain about issues like weather, traffic or their health. This people complain a lot because it makes them feel better they are not necessarily unhappy people, but when they complain about the little things that bothers them they truly feel better about themselves. By complaining to others they transfer their troubles to others making those people feel bad while on the other hand they feel great.

Other people believe that when they complain they appear to be more intelligent. They believe that any body intelligent enough would not let himself be shortchanged by accepting something of a poorer quality. By Complaining they show or express their dissatisfaction. This individual do not believe that being  dissatisfied silently or being satisfied with what one gets can be the  behavior of an intelligent person. Some of this people live with a lot of stress and discomfort for a long time. When this goes on for too long it finally wears them down. They get to a point where they can deal with their problems and as such they complain. They hope that by complaining they might get assisted. They see that complaining gives them something to talk about. If they find a person experiencing the same kinds of trouble they will get to share their troubles together.

There are a group of people who love complaining because it can be a source of humor to them. Most of the humorous things that stand up comedians say originate from complain and sarcasm of other individuals. People at times feel they are required to make both positive and negative remarks in their conversations so as to spice them. They in the process end up making complaining remarks that often make them less comfortable with these conversations. There are people who would make complaints in the form of letters or emails addressed to companies, the government, or to the local newspapers. Such complains normally come from the belief that if nobody makes a complaint there would not be any from of changes to the conditions that they are experiencing. This people usually get to the habit of complaining from the environment they were brought up in especially there families. If many people in their families where complaining they are most likely to view complaining as a way of life.

 Some People have over time become accustomed to looking for the negative side of any topic or issue. To them any circumstance has met the requirements of a complaint. If someone is available to listen to them, they would most likely give all the complaints they can. Such people cannot stop themselves because to them complaining has become an addictive habit. But if they were able to hear themselves speak or they get notified of this habit they may develop a desire to correct this behavior. The main causes of such behavior are usually the negative attitudes that they developed early in their lives, learned from homes where there is a high level of negativity among members of the family or even they may have developed from experiences of their childhoods at schools.

There are People who normally complain about most things in order to avoid taking responsibility for their lives. They give a very long list of excuses as to why they have not or are not likely to achieve their goals. Without their knowledge, they' tend to focus all their energy and attention on matters that are of least importance to them. They probably fail and don't want to realize just how many complains they are making. Such people use complaining as a form of control of their lives. Such persistent complainers give the picture that they are not focused in life and that they lack skills of time management. They tend to hold grudges against other people. A good example being an employee who sees that if the work he is supposed to do is a lot the fault lies with the boss. If he did not arrive to work on time he blames the public transportation. No matter what the circumstances involved are. They believe that someone is out to get them and they complain bitterly to any one who cares to hear them.

Some types of complainers use their complaints to begin conversations. It is usually a normal practice for human being to seek others who share their modes of thought. As such a complainer would utter his displeasure in order to create the illusion that he is superior and to convince others to switch their opinions to be in line with his. This is normally the main reason why people who have a rather satisfactory kind of lifestyle would begin complaining. It would start off with a few people complaining about the kinds of lives they lead. With time those listening to them will start developing funny ideas of dissatisfaction with there lives and also begins complaining. Over time everyone would want to prove how bad their lifestyle is.

To some complainers their attitude began very early in life and they lived with it all the way  right up to adulthood. Such an attitude may have been caused by abuse or lack of parental attention at home or even from teachers at school. These complainers have not learned to love themselves. As such it the responsibility of all the other people to listen to their complaints and give them support that they never had in life. Some of this complainers complain in order To avoid any kind of helpful action and there by neglecting responsibility. They are fond of creating problems in every solution that is given to them and therefore there lives are full of many different kinds of complains.
There are People who succumb to constant griping and would most likely react differently when other people are not joining in their conversations. This type of complainers is those people who have come to rely so much on negative bonding.  They don’t intend in any way to show there superiority to their listeners. But any other ways of interaction makes them feel inferior out of depth and isolated. They feel they have a better understanding and contribution when conversations start venturing to the negative sides. Because this is their comfort zone and any where apart from this they fail to find a common ground with the other speakers.

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Sometimes constant complaining may be a sign that someone has turned into a genuine pessimist. Matters like depression may cast a dark shadow over ones perceptions thereby removing all forms of happiness leaving only the unhappy aspects of life in ones focus. When the periods of stress are prolonged life may seem unbearable, all the unresolved anger expects disappointment that one encounters or betrayal by friends causes anxiety and numerous complains The difference between these types of complaints and those of the other forms is that the sufferers are very much distressed by their problems and are seeking for a solution to such problems.

Another group of people who normally have a lot of complains are usually the fault spotters. Such individuals will try and even find faults with most things in life but they would not keep quiet about it .they prefer to notify even those individuals who are least concerned with such matters.

There are some people   who choose to complain for fear that they may appear too positive about life and this may result in bad events happening. This people harbor superstitious beliefs that when one is so happy one is tempting fate. To these people, finding a reason to complain about is like using a charm to protect them against fate and helps them not to feel so bad when a bad event occurs in their lives. Other people are more concerned about their fellow human beings views. They believe that if one is seen as living a good life by ones neighbors they would most certainly become sources of envy, exploitation, neglect and disapproval. They would therefore complain as a way of discouraging there friends from making very great expectations of them. Such kind of complainers usually becomes uncomfortable if encouraged to look at the positive side of life.

There are some kind of complainers who complain in order to seek attention and pity from other people. Such people have are yet to develop their inner needs of self loving, compassion and caring. This normally occurs as a result of one not having gotten enough attention love and caring from parents, guardians or friends as a child. A child learns  to fulfill this needs of compassion when his  parents or caregiver provide them with love  and caring, which enables him to feel secure about himself and in the process get to learn how to love himself. On the other hand an  Adult  who did not successfully develop this task when still a child will have to keep demanding for fulfillment of such needs from friends and colleagues. Such people would complain just about anything to drive attention towards them. Most of their listeners at first will feel sympathetic. This people get addicted to this state of complaining and with time they may require assistance to stop the habit.

One other reason why some people complain is because most people avoid and dislike them. Such people are always complaining about everything if one is to meet them, they could easily spoil ones day. People normally would avoid them to the extent of them becoming lonely. This loneliness may lead one to cry or demand attention from friends. They voice complaints, hopping to be noticed or connect with individuals with similar minds as their own So as to reduce the feeling of isolation and loneliness. A good example of such people are those who would raise minor complains continuously especially to their fellow customers awaiting a certain service hoping to find someone to agree with them so they can start a negative conversation.

There are people who like complaining due to ignorance. Such people are usually convinced that they are right and that they views hold more importance than those of their fellow human beings, as such they believe making a complaint is their fundamental human right. This makes them very happy. They force their demands to be met by making those demands via complaints also as a way to prove their superiority among other people. Mostly they complain for no valid reason but just as a way to show their ignorant self centered sides, prove their superiority. These kinds of people often have a feeling of inferiority and must prove their superiority by complaining.

There are people who often are impossible to satisfy. They complain because they cannot achieve something or they performed poorly somewhere. People especially as they grow older tend to develop such complains of dissatisfaction they believe that they are being neglected by their children and Not treated well. This is usually caused by the feeling of in action. The aged cannot move around much and would mostly find them selves isolated. This sends a wrong message to them that they are no longer needed and their lives has been a waste. If one tries to show them compassion, they complain that one is trying to seek favors in matters of inheritance. A small back ache is amplified to be a very terrible ache. Such people normally do this because they either failed to achieve what they had set in life and they feel that their children should carry their burdens.

As a final note people tend to complain as a rightful way of expressing their dissatisfaction. If one does not make complains one is likely get mistreated or looked down upon. All human being s should be given equal treatment. We should not allow our employers, leaders and friends to hurt or take advantage of us. Complaining helps solve many issues in life. Political riots are a means of complains where individuals come out to fight for their political rights. Workers who participate in strikes are fighting for the improvement of their wages or working conditions. We cannot do without this complains because at times those in authority need to be reminded of our rights.

A normal human being makes at least twenty to thirty complains per day. People make this complains due to very many reasons, some to express themselves, others because it is inborn and yet still there are those who are addicted to complaining. Even though complaining has many disadvantages, it also has its advantages some times one is required to complain just as a means of venturing ones anger on other issues to avoid stress. People will not stop complaining in life because its one of the forms of human expression. Though it might be disturbing to there friends or colleagues they see it as a human right. We should all accept complains as an important part of human life and interactions.  

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