Ring of Gyges

According to philosopher Plato, people will act ethically involuntarily and also because they have no power to do things that are ethically wrong. The reasons stated above happen in today’s contemporary society. People are ready to do evil and gain what’s not theirs but they are hindered by the laws of the land. I conspired with a friend and helped him steal from a supermarket where I worked as a cashier. Am glad I did it because the owner was so selfish and mean. When I told her that I got another job, she dismissed me and refused to pay me.

It’s important to learn other means of arriving at ethical decisions because we get to know about the standards of behavior that tells how people tends to act in different situations and the norms that distinguish rights from wrongs.

Peer-reviewed journal articles are formal journal articles submitted for scrutiny by professions or by recognized authorities in the appropriate field who may recommend, revise or reject it. Peer-reviewed journal articles are different from magazine articles, newspaper articles, and web pages because it contains scholar’s research, have black and white charts, little or no advertising and footnotes. One can tell whether a source is peer-reviewed by turning to Ulrich's Periodical Directory Online although one can still tell just by looking. A scholarly peer review like a Molecular Microbiology peer-reviewed journal articles adds credibility of a college term paper. 

An action is said to be unethical if at all it means no good to other people. Where a law legalizes abortion, the act itself is bad as it affects the unborn child. An illegal action is said to be ethical if at all it means a greater good to many people. When a family is dying of hunger, they might decide to steal food crops from the rich neighbor. Stealing is illegal but allowing the children to die is far much worse when there is a solution to save them.

Even if someone is a murderer, killing him is wrong. But critical thinking states that if the same person is holding a bomb remote control and he intends to kill people in an arena using a bomb, it is ethically right to shoot that person before he activates the bomb. The death of one person cannot be compared to the death of many people.

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