So There I Am

“So There I Am“is a story of an American teenager called June who was 18 years during the development of the story and living in California. The short story talks of how her mother struggle to ensure that she is always in line i.e. not involved with any bad company who might ruin her school career or get involved in with some boy who was dealing drugs and end up like his brother John who she had not seen for about a year or so. As much as her mother does struggle in between 2 jobs to make sure that they are a bit ok, she does not seem to see all this, rather to her, she is living in a home detention and she cant wait to go out into a far away college and become independent. She is generally a bright girl who gets the best grades in school but she has very few friends and this makes her very lonely at times.

One day she is invited by her only best friend in school for a party at her house on a weekday. June’s mother was to be out working that night and so she thought she could quietly go out and come back the following day morning without her mother ever noticing. Her friend Ann comes over together with his boyfriend James and two other friends of his, they pick up June but first they go to a liquor store to rob some money which they intent to use that very night for fun. However it looks like neither Ann nor June were away of the plan that the boys had. They however agree to wait in the car while the boys go in the liquor store with guns to steal. Unfortunately in that commotion, James is short dead by the Korean owner of the store and the two friends got out of the car and ran away from the scene.

While trying to find their way back home, they are unfortunately hijacked by a gang of 4 guys in an ally and they are raped repeatedly (Tar, 2008).

There is symbolic interaction in this story in that African Americans are depicted as being poor, not ever willing to study hard and are always associated with crime. On the other hand, the Koreans are depicted as the store owners who get in violet exchange with the black community. Also seen is conflict theory whereby while June’s mother struggles to ensure that June is studying without any form of hustles, she sees it as a form of home imprisonment. This is a created false conscious. Another false conscious is created when Ann and her friend June go out with these violent boy thinking that they are going t have fun but later on, it turns out that in the long run. The male in this society are thought of being fun but are also a source of deep pain and suffering for the ladies.

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