Teaching Philosophy of Education

The objective for my teaching is to ensure that children obtain the tools and skills they require for success in their future lives. I believe each child and adolescent has a potential to be a better thinker and to solve problems. Although most students are not fascinated by math, I am enthusiastic and believe that as a teacher, I can make math fascinating to the children.

With an aim of improving learning and high achievement in math, as a teacher, I have the responsibility of providing a safe and secure environment that supports student learning. I believe that student learning is not only promoted by the cognitive capacity, but also by the environment in which the child learns. The cognitivity of a child affects the internal processes such as his/her capacity to process information.

Since learning styles can be auditory, visual or kinesthetic, I will provide the children with manipulatives and an organized classroom environment to ensure that they learn on the basis of their interests. This will involve providing hands on activities, visual images and drawing from realistic areas which can help children learn easily. I will use teaching methods and techniques that make concepts easy to understand and give the children the opportunity to interact with each other. Through this, I will tap on the potential of every student in the mixed classroom situation.

I will assess how much the children have learnt by giving periodic tests on a continuous basis. I will also give class assignments after every topic besides the daily assignments to weigh individual strengths and weaknesses of the children. I will also provide end of semester examinations to know how much the children shall have learnt.

In conclusion, I believe my understanding of learning needs of individual children, my degree qualification and improved teaching techniques are useful for promoting student learning of math.

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