In The Allegory of the Cave, Plato explains how what is considered as “reality”, is nothing more than simple imitations of what is real. The “reality” takes place inside of a cave, which is controlled by puppet masters using wooden and iron objects to manipulate humans. For me, it is just amazing to realize how where we live and the things we use are mere reflections of reality. It is simply astonishing to think that what we consider as the reality is actually what blinds us to the true reality. This piece of writing made me think about how easily we are fooled and manipulated by those who are superior to us.  This work has made me re-examine all aspects of human life. After reading this work, I have realized how insignificant material possessions are. The Allegory of the Cave is such a powerful piece of writing which has caused me to go into deep thought over many issues.  I have questioned what it means to be educated, what affects our perceptions, and will a utopian society ever exist.

In today’s society, education is very important. I believe that Plato thought that each individual had a different learning capacity.  He felt that once a person learned to a certain degree, he could learn no more. This concept is totally different from today’s society because we tend to believe that everyone can be educated. Our education system demands that all students be taught in the same way.

Our perceptions are affected by our environments. According to Plato, there were two types of perceptions- sensory and spiritual. Sensory perception is the way we see the world. Spiritual perception can only be obtained one we have eliminated the sensory perception. We can only see the real world through spiritual growth, according to Plato.

The possibility of a perfect world is impossible in the sensory world. Plato believed that people could live together in equality to a certain degree. Material possessions are not forms of true wealth; instead true wealth is spiritual knowledge.

I now see the world through different eyes. My value system has totally changed. Material possessions are no longer of value to me.

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