The Designer of the Universe

The existence of the universe had begun somewhere and was started by someone. Ideally from nothing to something, its movement and design depicts the existence of an intelligence designer. Things in the universe do not exist by chance. They happen as they were designed to happen. Throughout the cosmos, there is evidence of an intelligence designer, starting from the many scientific discoveries over the past centuries to the beauty and nature of the earth. The intricacies of the earth demands the existence of a designer and thus the evidence for the existence of such a designer is existent all over the universe. However, the ultimate evidence is the idea and situation of the earth. The design, position, rotation, atmosphere and the galaxies are specifically premeditated to support life. The universe has the right atmosphere that supports life. The ability to breathe is enhanced by analogous gravity, which forms a thin layer of gases that protect and enable humans to breathe. Its position from the sun is just right. It is neither too close nor too far and thus supports life. No human would survive if the earth were to be far away from the sun or too close. The earth has only one moon and not two or three, whose gravity affects the movement of sea currents, stopping the water from becoming torpid. The speed of rotation of the earth which completes one turn after every 24 hours allows the sun to warm the earth equally. Consequently, all these cannot be mere coincidence. Humans found themselves in a life supporting planet that had all the conditions that are necessary to support life and everything is designed to support that life, this cannot be the work of nature.

The argument by McCloskey that, the concept of evolution shows that, there is no need for a designer is demanding in a number of ways. Indeed, evolution could be true, for humans have evolved and continue to evolve. However, it had to start from somewhere, the mere primary state of man, requires a designer. Where it is that human came from? If it is the monkeys as suggested by Charles Darwin, then where did the very monkeys come from? Whichever way one chooses to look at it, they cannot run away from the thought that, there must have been a designer who put all this things into motion.

The existence of imperfection and evil in the world may be a case against the subsistence of the divine design or divine purpose as fronted by the cosmological argument. Conventionally, the cosmological argument was anticipated to prove that there exists a being which is different from the world and does personal, all know, all powerful and convincing. The limitations to this argument will therefore, stem from the fact that if there exist a designer of the universe who is all knowing and gracious, why would there be imperfections and evil in the world. Therefore, it is easier to begin from the basic fact that there is no designer of the universe. It is simpler to believe that the world came into existence on its own and thus everything happens as a result of nature. The cosmological argument does not answer as to why there is a non-contingent first cause.

The question of free will has also been used to argue against the existence of a designer of the universe.  McCloskey argues that God could have purposed man to always and freely choose what is right. The question of free will is attached to the notion that God as being Omniscient and thus knows present, past and the future happenings. However, this begs the question as to how much room can he leave for an individual to freely do evil? Free will posits that God granted humans free will so that they could be free moral, beings. However, the free moral beings chose evil. It is not within God’s power as an omnipotent being, to create a world with moral good without creating one with the evil. Therefore, man has the free will to choose between good and evil otherwise; there would not be free will if man had only the choice of either evil or righteous.

The meaning of life is derived from the existence of God. Without God then life is meaningless. Indeed, atheists argue that the existence of misery in the universe makes atheism to be more comforting that theism. That an all knowing and all perfect God would not allow his creatures to suffer, and therefore, it is easier to go through life knowing that God does not exist. However, William lane, in his article, “The Absurdity of Life without God”, presents a compelling argument to this theory by atheists. He presents a number of other writings from the past that explain the purpose of suffering and the value that humans derive from the existence of a god. One of them is Dostoyevsky (1821-81). He was more often than not concerned with the problem of evil in the world. He argued that innocent miseries may perfect personalities and build a closer relation with the almighty God. Fyodor stated that each person the anguish of a world without God and in the privacy of his own heart give himself to God. Similarly, William lane states that when man kills God, he ultimately kills himself and the entire universe. Life without God has no meaning and there no immortality. Man will live expecting to die, and that is when his life ends.


The existence of an intelligent designer of the universe is the only man can make sense of life. It cannot be by coincidence that everything is the way it is, that somehow the cosmos just existed, and man just came into existence through the amazing works of evolution. Life is much simpler when there is a designer of the universe, an all knowing, all perfect and all loving God. It cannot be left to hang in the balance of evolution and chance. The aspect of imperfection adds value to life. That as long as man lives, he shall aspire to achieve perfection and goodness so that he can meet his creator. God could not create a perfect man who lived in a world filled with good and no evil. The existence of imperfection adds value to life; man can find meaning in pursuit of perfection. Therefore, in the pursuit of perfection, there had to be a choice that man had to make; that is the idea of free will. God had to let man be a free agent, to make a choice between evil and God. Consequently, man derived meaning in life through the existence of God. Life without God is indeed meaningless, suffering makes man to grow closer to God and find the strength to carry on through him. Where life is void of a designer of the universe, it is empty and meaningless, one cannot comprehend the incidents of life usually leads to suicide.

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