The Eucharist


There is a looming question about the true meaning of the word Eucharist, and all other words used to describe the same. While the term Eucharist means giving thanks, other words associated with commemoration of the last supper do not necessarily mean the same. The last supper was founded on the night before Christ’s death when he offered his body in the form of unleavened bread and blood in the form of wine to signify his death. Though there is no mention of any word like Eucharist, the holy sacrament, the holy mass and the Holy Communion this is verification that the words used today were coined by earlier followers to denote what it meant. The gospel of the New Testament Mathew, Mark and Luke talk of the last supper and what Christ did. In the scriptures of Luke 22: 15-20, Christ takes a cup and gives thanks to God, and gives it to his disciples who he tells to drink among themselves, he also takes a piece of bread and gives thanks to God and gives to his disciples and tell them that is his body given to them, in the end he tell them to do it in memory of him (Staff 125). This means that aside from its symbolism, Eucharist is meant to be commemorated by all Christians as Christ urged his followers to do.

Christ told his followers to do the last supper in memory of him. Commemorating the act of the last supper carries more meaning than just eating the last meal. Foremost, it is a remembrance of what Christ did on the cross for his flock and the whole world. The bread and wine signify his body, which he willingly gave up in order to redeem the whole universe from sin. The second aspect of the Eucharist is celebration of the fact that despite his physical departure, Christ continues to live within the souls of his believers and one way of worshiping and uniting with him is by undertaking the Eucharist. While these two features play a role in why Christians continue to take the Eucharist, the aspect of sacrament cannot be sidelined as it represents the Christian faith. Apart from being called the Eucharist, it is also called the holy sacrament, the word sacrament meaning covenant and agreement. Therefore, when Christians from different denominations join together to eat the Eucharist they are engaging in a sacrament. By taking the bread and wine in ones hands and onto the lips is a pledge of absolute loyalty to Jesus Christ (Barclay 3). Apart from taking the wine and bread as a sign of his body and blood, the Eucharist service is filled with indications of the love of Christ and it is therefore, not a physical activity of eating the bread and wine, but a spiritual one too. All this features are what makes the Eucharist be referred to as sacrament among other terminologies. Signs are connected with divine things called sacraments which reveal truth beyond itself (Barclay 3). Paul in the book of 1 Corinthians 11: 23-25 also specifies the importance of doing the act in remembrance of Christ, and this a testament of what Eucharist really means a covenant between God and his people (Staff 279).                          


Christians widely use the word Eucharist but they do not limit it to itself. Rather, there are other names that add meaning to what happened during the last supper. While Eucharist is a general term that is used to give thanks to the whole serve and celebration of the sacrifice made by Christ, other name used to mean the same like sacrament mean the covenant made between God and his people. Therefore, the holy mass is a combination of events that took part during the last supper which is sharing in the body and blood of Christ as well as the covenant made by him and his believers.

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