The Journey to be Oneself

I have searched, probed and questioned but still cannot figure out the real reason why people choose to live contrasting lives. Maybe, there is genuine motivation behind it, but I have often received different answers from different people that making sense out of them becomes just but a nightmare. In spite of these, I have managed to inject some truth into the chaos and consequently grasped some ideas about life. We should always strive to  let things be the way they really are. What is so special about life that we keep on modifying and concealing it just to enjoy our staying on earth? It is really beautiful; why are we so obsessed with twisting it to fit our crazy perceptions? This paper will offer some insight with regard to the above questions, and also detail why college is the apt place for accepting ourselves, and also seek to examine the risk of living in self denial. Disguise is an accepted part of our lives today, whether it is out of fear of letting ourselves down or being rejected by other people. Sometimes we live in denial of who we really are, and in the process fail to understand the difference between the façade we have created and our true selves. This is often the biggest obstacle to anyone trying to discover himself/herself. We should never be contented with our superficial character; because only by taking the time to search our souls can we come to terms with our true character. University or college is one of the most appropriate places in which one can begin the journey to discovering himself/herself. Most people experience an awakening of sorts when they go to college, not because it was not possible before but because college is the best place for such an enlightening undertaking. Cultural diversity, the learning environment and many other lessons combine to form a potent force that pushes us to know who we really are. Because of this, majority of people often come out of college better than they went in, because they have seen, heard and went through certain things that compel them to either find themselves (or in the process find peace) or live in denial forever. 

Still, we have not answered a very important question in this context: what makes the journey too risky? Apart from the fact that one can fail to comprehend the difference between internal and external character, there are more arduous challenges that accompany people once they have embarked on the journey to finding themselves. In my opinion, one of these challenges is the refusal by other people to accept us the way we are; something which is a very bitter pill to swallow but which is also the truth. However, this is not the problem. It has been established that we are actually the biggest obstacles to ourselves, due to the simple fact that we have refused to accept ourselves. We are not comfortable with ourselves (our skin, backgrounds, social status and way of life) therefore we cannot be accepted by other people.

Acceptance originates from within ourselves; once we know who we really are, what we want to become and capable of achieving, we do not need to depend on anybody  (except us) to remind us  that we are straying from the beaten path. Since almost everyone wants to be perfect, we are resigned to let events, circumstances and people dictate what we are supposed to be, our dress code, language and action. The danger of accepting ourselves and not setting obscene benchmarks within ourselves is that confusion and disappointment may likely to creep in and become impossible to satisfy the requirements of such a life (style). For instance, I cannot imagine someone who believes that he/she is intelligent being forced to accept the contrary. The devastation would be too much to bear, wouldn’t it? Consequently, most of us would rather live a lie than go through the disappointment the truth would bring to us. I am utterly convinced that the remedy lies in accepting ourselves no matter how low we feel; but pretence comes with a price.

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