The Right to Die

It has been said that, "If death is a part of life, the right to die is a part of the right to life. If we accept that all human beings have the right to life, we must accept that they have the right to die." I agree with this statement. People should have the right to choose the time and the manner of their own death. This is because; every person has his/her own life. It is upon an individual to choose what he/she wants to do with his/her life. If a person feels that he/she can no longer continue surviving in this world, then it would be better for such a person to end his/her life, instead of continuing to live in a place or in a manner which he/she does not like. If an individual is forced to continue living, such a person may bring so many misfortunes to the society. For instance, he/she may hurt other people as the individual tries to get rid of the stress experienced, or even kill another person in the process. Therefore, instead of having an individual kill another person just because, he/she cannot end his/her life, the right to end one’s life should be given to such a person.
    According to Fraser & Walters, the right to end ones life should be given when an individual poses threat to other members of the society, if such right had been denied previously. The right to end one’s life should also be given when an individual is terminally ill, and when an individual voluntarily expresses the will to end his/her own life due to suffering caused by chronic illness or old age. In my opinion, there are some circumstances where the legal right to die should be restricted. For instance, if the right to die would result into serious suffering of other people, then it should be restricted. Example, a young woman, physically, mentally, and medically fit, who has just given birth to a baby, should not be given the right to end her life. This is because, the action would cause suffering to the baby. Furthermore, young people who are physically, mentally, and medically healthy should not be allowed to arbitrarily exercise their legal right to die. This is because, if they are allowed to exercise their legal right to die without limitations, the society might be left without young people who contribute significantly to development of the future generations.

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