The Sexual Differences in Both Men and Women

There is a vast difference in how male and females view sex. Hormones regulated by the human mind control their take on the appropriate time to start having sex, and how often they can do it. The difference in their brains has a significant impact on their views on different things. Women use both hemispheres of their brains to perform a variety of things, while their male counterparts use only one part of their desire to create a particular task. This is the reason why women are more aware of their actions and are extremely reluctant to engage in any sexual activity with anyone. They need a lot of time as they try to analyze whether the person they are about to be intimate with is worth the risk or not. In the same sense, women tend to see things in a broader view compared to men.

A woman is able to criticize something to see whether the outcome will be beneficial to her or not while the man only looks at a factor in its short-term effect. This is the reason why men tend to engage in sexual activities more often compared to women in a sexual act. Women see both sides of the situation, and if the situation will end up putting them in pain then she will prefer to refrain from committing the act. Men, on the other hand, block out anything that might make them change their mind about something that they want to do. By so doing, they can engage in sexual intercourse with any woman they find anywhere by simply assuming that all women are the same and that nothing will happen next. Women, on the other hand, are extremely weary and will never have sex with a stranger as they always think of the aftermath (Weeks, 2009).

The brain of a woman is able to link different thing at the same time while the brain of a man is divided into portions making it difficult for them to link different things together. This explains why men can have sex without having any emotional bond with his partner. However, women find it extremely difficult to have sex with a person they have no emotional attachment. This is because their mind links everything together. Therefore, it is extremely difficult for them to have sex when their emotions and motivation not linked together. Men tend to use part of their mind to do certain things like judging the qualities of a person and deciding whether they should have sex with the person. Women, on the other hand, have to use both hemispheres before coming to any conclusion (Bristow, 2011).

Biological research shows that women have up to twenty times less testosterone compared to men who have twenty times more testosterone. For this reason, men are said to have sexual urges more often than women are. Men have more sex compared to women. This is due to the high amount of testosterone in their system. On average, a man feels the need to have sex every day, while a woman can even go for a month without any desire to have sex. The high concentration of testosterone in the male system also makes them concentrate on the physical part of sex. Their only concern is to have the actual pleasure of having had sex. They are not that concerned with the emotional needs. Women have a low level of testosterone in their system, and they do not have urgent sexual urges making them more resistant to have sex compared to their male counterparts. In addition, the amount of testosterone in their system is reduced so for them to be stimulated to have sex many factors have to be combined. This is the reason why women are more attached to loving relationships and tend to enjoy sex with a person they feel an emotion attachment (Pinker, 2008). 

Women seem to see things from a whole point of view, while men view them in a physical way. This is the reason why women want to have a serious relationship with a man first before they feel comfortable enough to have sex with them. Men want sex before they can start attaching their emotions to the relationship. This might be because women are the ones who will carry the pregnancy if she becomes pregnant. Therefore, she wants to have the assurance that she will not be left with the task of bringing up the child on her own without a partner to take care of her. Men, on the other hand, has no fears of getting pregnant with an unwanted babies giving them the right to have sex as many times as they want, and with whomever they, please. Therefore, women are forced to be careful when selecting the person she wants to have a child with because she wants the child she will bear to have the best combination of genes. Men do not, however, care about this their only purpose is to father as many children as they can to ensure that there is the continuation in his generation.

Women need to have the spirit of utmost importance to the person they are engaging in a sexual intercourse. However, men do not care about feelings because they are more attached to material things. This argument develops when both genders are still in their developing stages. Boys love toys, balloons and any other thing that they could hold physically. Girls, on the other hand, are more interested in companionship. They value friendship a lot; they care about what their friends think and their opinions matter a lot in shaping their personalities. Women are aware of what others think, and for that point, they might never want to keep a count of the number of boyfriends they have or those they had sex. This is because women are keener on the relationship they have with the man than on the sexual act they engaged. Men, on the other hand, picture it as an effort and might even go about bragging to his friends about the number of women that he has had sex with during a certain period (Harding, 2001).

Women sex lives are affected by external factors like religion, social and even cultural attitudes towards sex. The take of the community, church or friends on the issue of sex tend to affect women more than men according to Baumeister. A woman is likely to refrain from having sex if she attends a church that criticizes sexual relationships compared to a man attending the same service. This is because men can abandon their religious beliefs whenever they are having sexual intercourse while a woman is incapable of such thing because her mind links her actions together.

Therefore, both physical and emotional aspects of the body control the sexual differences in both men and women. Women are the ones who are more prone to this influences compared to men who can overlook some things and engage in sex with the first person they see in the streets without feeling guilty afterwards. This is also the reason why the media applies different techniques in educating the youth on the theme of sex. Material things further appeal man, while a woman needs to have an emotional attachment with the facts before they can believe in it.

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