Virtual Philosophy

Virtual philosophy consists of sequence digital learning devices that apply the Socratic strategies. The activity targets to provide online subjects on ethics. The students engage in the provision their ideas. Their ideas get assess from professional philosopher, and final results appear online. The virtual philosopher helps the students gauge their ability to make informed decisions in life.

The beliefs and values are determinants of individual behaviors. Self-evaluation enables individuals to determine whether the beliefs and values are in line with the prescribed ethical behaviors in the society. Individuals using the virtual philosophers have a better understanding of the basis used in the formulation of societal ethics. Additionally, they have concrete reasons to change their ideas and beliefs for the better.

The virtual philosopher tasks form of logical tree design which analyzes students' thoughts. It is evident that many students tend to base their arguments on classroom experiences. The dilemma questions target to enable them benefit from the virtual philosopher. Various comments appear at the end students’ ideas since the technology of design inclines towards interaction between the students and professionals.

Text is the first virtual philosopher learning aid. These ethical dilemmas examine the students’ knowledge about the principles of life. A case of patients in need of kidney donation appears and only one kidney is available. The individuals come from different backgrounds hence the students are to choose the deserving person. The second case cites an incident where of an overloaded canoe, and solutions occur in the context of the test. Students are likely to have different opinions since they prefer certain people. In actual sense, the philosophers open their mind understand the significance of the human life. The morals behind the two incidents are that human being has equal life, and nobody is superior to the other.

The virtual philosophy is highly educative. Individuals applying it make better decisions since the situations become understandable. Virtual philosophy hence qualifies as a tool that gives the students an upper hand in making proper decisions.

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