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American Federal Government

Since 1800 there has long been a general popular idea that the national government needs reorganizing and that great ch... Details

Hungary Between Former Soviet Union and the European Union

With the demise of Communist governments throughout the area of Soviet hegemony, new regimes have undertaken the privat... Details

American Society state before and after 9/11

September 11th was a sad day and many innocent lives were taken, but it brought a nation together that has been for year... Details

Labor Unions in the United States and Chile

The mutualism groups represented a natural development in United States and Chile. They had existed in most European na... Details


A Politian can be defined as a person who has the power with the public policy and decision making. They include people... Details

The Policy Process: American Health Care System

With the current proposal in increase of the United States Government Debt Ceiling and reduction in government spending... Details